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In Manirampur of Jessore, farmers are buying urea fertilizer at the rate of 25 to 26 Tk. - dailypressjournal

In Manirampur of Jessore, farmers are buying urea fertilizer at the rate of 25 to 26 Tk.

  • Update Time : Saturday, December 31, 2022
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In Manirampur of Jessore, farmers are buying urea fertilizer at the rate of 25 to 26 Tk.

Md Tahidul Islam Manirampur upazila representative :

As a result of the Russian aggression in Ukraine, the price of food grains has increased in different countries of the world and there has been a severe shortage. After the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, other countries are realizing the importance of Ukraine in providing food to the world. If the fertilizer is not available, there will be a crisis in Bangladesh and food production. The government claims that reducing the price of fertilizer to a bearable level by reducing it several times is one of their successes. It has also received praise for reflecting the government’s ‘farm-friendly policy’. However, this year, during the planting season, fertilizers are being sold at higher prices than the government fixed rates in several regions of the country. Fertilizers are being sold at government-fixed prices — authorized dealers claim so, but retailers admit to selling fertilizers at high prices. Several retailers have told Dainik Asharya Pratidin that dealers are charging them higher prices than the government-fixed prices. And they are selling fertilizer at a higher price of Tk 20 to Tk 30 per sack or Tk 2 to Tk 3 per kg. On the other hand, the farmers say that they have to spend 130 to 200 taka more for fertilizer depending on the type of bag and the weight of the fertilizer in the bag is not correct. Retail fertilizer traders also say that prices have increased in the market due to dealers selling less fertilizer compared to demand. And the farmers say that the traders have increased the price of fertilizers through the syndicate. Fertilizer prices have increased in different regions of the country – even though such information is ‘heard from mouth to mouth’, there is no evidence of it even with the leaders of the Department of Agriculture Extension, the Ministry of Agriculture or the Fertilizer Association. In this situation, agriculture stakeholders say, the government needs to monitor the fertilizer market more deeply. According to the information of the Department of Agriculture Extension, the price of urea fertilizer fixed by the government in different parts of the country is Tk 22 per kg, the maximum price per bag is Tk 1100. But it has been found that – especially Manirampur Bazar, Rajganj, Silempur Bazar, Jaipur, Hogladagyna Bazar, Chandipur besides Hariharnagar, Jhampa, Khedapara. , Mashvimnagar, Chaluahati, Shyamkur, Khanpur, Durbadanga, Kultia, Nehalpur, Manoharpur union in different areas of this time fertilizer is being sold at a higher price than the price set by the government. Several retail traders and farmers in these areas have confirmed this information daily. Although the fertilizer dealers in these areas are demanding to sell fertilizer at the price set by the government. Besides, they said, due to the syndicate business of unscrupulous fertilizer dealers, ordinary farmers are deprived of buying fertilizer from genuine dealers. Hariharnagar Union farmer Mustafa Dainik told Asharya Pratidin that Urea (Qatar Fertilizer Company) is selling urea at Tk 1300 per bag. Fertilizer prices are higher this year than last year. Azijur farmer of Khanpur Union told Dainik Asharya Pratidin that he bought a bag of urea fertilizer for Tk 1310. Momin Dainik Asharya Pratidin, the unscrupulous fertilizer seller of Silempur Bazar market in that area said to Dainik Asharya Pratidin, “If I don’t make some profit this season, when will I do it? And because the dealer is charging us more, I am keeping the price higher. There is nothing I can do about it. Besides, fertilizer is not available in the market. However, about 200 bags of urea fertilizer can be seen in his business. Md. Abul Kalam Azad said that some unscrupulous fertilizer dealers in Manirapur market created an artificial crisis in the market and kept the price high, but the price of fertilizer did not increase at the dealer level. All fertilizers are being sold at previous prices. However, the price may be slightly higher at the retail level, he said. President of Krishak League Abul Islam said, “Now the demand for fertilizer is low. But at the end of the season, fertilizer will be needed again. We are now worried about what the situation will be. Rabiul Islam, a retailer of Khanpur Union, admitted to the fact that the price of fertilizers is higher than the government fixed rate and told Dainik Asharya Pratidin, “Suddenly, the prices of urea, TSP and potash fertilizers have increased. The price of fertilizer has been increased by the dishonest dealers of Manirampur market, but when they go to bring fertilizer, the dealers say that there is no fertilizer. If you give extra money, they take out two sacks. Unscrupulous businessman Mehdi Hasan Faisal denied the information of sale of fertilizers at higher prices and said that we buy fertilizers at higher prices to make more profit. What can traders like me do if prices are higher than Manirampur market. If you want to know about this matter, Monirampur UNO Mo Kabir Hossain (Palash) Daily Asharya Pratidin told that we will take action if we receive a complaint. And the fertilizer has to be sold at the price fixed by the government. Legal action will be taken against anyone who sells at higher price. In this regard, Manirampur Upazila Chairman Mr. Najma Khanam said, Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has fixed the price of fertilizers for the convenience of all farmers, including rice farmers. Various agricultural subsidies including fertilizers have been arranged. There, the farmers of the country get fertilizers at a reasonable price. If he sells fertilizer at a higher price than that, he will be brought under the law, the dealership will be cancelled. I have spoken to UNO and the agriculture office about this, and the upazila administration will take action very soon. I myself do agricultural work, Monirampur upazila administration should monitor the fertilizer market more deeply. Fertilizer Market Monitoring by Field Level Officers a should Advertisements should be made in the newspaper and it should be said that no one can sell fertilizer at a price higher than the fixed price. There should also be a mechanism to complain to a specific number if fertilizer is sold at higher prices somewhere.

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