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Tapak Mandal is getting free from the curse of unemployment in Dakop of Khulna - dailypressjournal

Tapak Mandal is getting free from the curse of unemployment in Dakop of Khulna

  • Update Time : Monday, September 4, 2023
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Md. Shamim Hossain – Khulna representative:-

Tapak mandal of Loudob village in Loudob union of Dakop upazila in Khulna is going to be freed from the curse of unemployment through vegetable cultivation. His vegetable farm now harbors the main driving force of self-reliance. It is known from the surface that Tapak Mandal of Loudob village of Loudob Union No. 3 completed his Masters in 2016 from the marketing department of Azam Khan Government Commerce College, Khulna. Having been harassed to find a job, he built a vegetable farm in his father’s 84 century land dwelling house. That is going to be freed from the curse of unemployment. Currently in his farm 500 eggplant plants have been found brinjal. 200 Monsoon tomato plants have started flowering and fruiting. More than 200 trees are bearing fruit. He has about 200 off-season watermelon plants in his vegetable garden which he can sell during the big puja in the month of Ashwin. Tapak thinks that the price will be much higher then. 50 gourd trees are producing gourds which are being sold at Rs 40-45 per pitch from the field. Also, they are cultivating various types of vegetables including sweet pumpkin, saffron, green pepper, puishak, lalshak, data shak, kusi, dhandul, shrimp. Selling from vegetable farm to wholesale and retail traders every day. Tapak Mandal is expecting to earn more than 2 lakh rupees profit this year excluding expenses. They are digging a pond in the land and cultivating fish in it. Besides vegetable fields. Apart from meeting the nutritional needs of one’s family, the vegetable farm is now selling different types of vegetables every day. Talking to Tapak Mandal, he told this reporter, I go to the farm every day as soon as it dawns, so I work on the farm all day. I farmed without wasting time running after a job. My farm is completely chemical free. I am trying to grow safe vegetables by producing organic fertilizers (vermi compost) and organic pesticides (neem oil, mahogany fruit extract and tobacco water) in my farm. There is no doubt that I will earn more than 2 lakh rupees this season, excluding expenses, with the daily sales of different types of vegetables from my vegetable farm. Apart from this, the advice and assistance of the staff from Dakop Upazila Agriculture Department is playing an important role for my vegetable cultivation. Dakop Upazila Agriculture Officer Md. Shafiqul Islam said in this regard, Tapak Mandal has first taken training on vegetable cultivation (nutrition bag) to grow vegetables. Then started working in the vegetable field. Currently different varieties of vegetables are being sold from his vegetable farm every day and he will be profitable. Anyone can start watching it. I will definitely help them.

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