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Executive Magistrate raids Benapole market to control commodity prices during Ramzan - dailypressjournal

Executive Magistrate raids Benapole market to control commodity prices during Ramzan

  • Update Time : Thursday, March 23, 2023
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sha jamal Benapole correspondent:- The holy month of Ramadan starts from tomorrow Friday. In order to control the prices of essential commodities during Ramadan, importance has been imposed on market surveillance by the Council of Ministers Department of the Government. Sources say that thinking about the common people, the government has taken all kinds of steps to keep the supply, stock and price of daily necessities normal. Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission and National Directorate of Consumer Protection are working to protect consumer rights. All kinds of assistance are being given to trade associations, traders and business establishments to conduct business with integrity. The government has taken strict measures to control the market, especially during the month of Ramadan. There are allegations that some unscrupulous traders are involved in the price hike. Those concerned believe that they are destabilizing the market and embarrassing the government in the hope of making unethical profits. Regular market operations are being conducted against such irregularities. Assistant Commissioner (Land) Farzana Islam, Executive Magistrate of Sharsha Upazila conducted a raid in the Benapole market of Sharsha Upazila of Jessore district on Thursday (March 23/2023) afternoon to control the price of daily necessities in the market like other districts and sub-districts of the country. During this time, he visited several grocery and raw material shops in Benapole market. Negotiate product prices with all traders and consumers, big and small. While visiting the market, he informed the journalists about some guidelines and legal steps of the government and said that the government will not accept any kind of syndicate, anarchy and monopoly in the market. Strict legal action will be taken against unscrupulous traders if anyone sells any product at a price higher than the prescribed price. Not only the collection of fines, for this direct filing of cases has been directed. Zahid Store was fined 2000 (two thousand) taka for not keeping the price list in the shop during the raid and Ashiq shopkeeper was fined 500 (five hundred) taka for hiding the name of the product in the price list. While monitoring the Benapole market, the president of the market committee – Azizur Rahman, general secretary – Bazlur Rahman participated as assistants to the magistrate. Apart from this, other leaders of market committee participated in the campaign. The Benapole Portthana Police provides round-the-clock support to the Executive Magistrate in maintaining law and order.

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