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The public works executive in Patuakhali does not know who is cultivating fish in their place. - dailypressjournal

The public works executive in Patuakhali does not know who is cultivating fish in their place.

  • Update Time : Wednesday, August 30, 2023
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Md Yuvraj Mridha Patuakhali District Representative:-

Jhautla is the most beautifying area of Patuakhali town where all professionals and common people including all class officials have movement but fish farming is being done openly there also on government land. It is known that the ownership of that land is Public Works Department. When asked about this, Public Works Executive Commissioner Haroon and Rashid said that he did not know who was cultivating this fish. However, he assured that the office has not given any lease to anyone. Then to find the answer to the question, it was found that a good quality contractor is cultivating this fish. Talking to a contractor named Bappi about this, he said that his business contracting never falls into fish farming. But looking after his side is someone who is a fish farmer but his name is not mentioned. He also said that in the past days, there was littering there, which he spent 2 to 2.5 lakhs to clean. After that if paddy cultivation is not profitable, if the land is vacant, someone is farming fish there. The place has been kept clean as the residence of the Chief Deputy Commissioner of the district is right in front of it. However, those who are farming fish have closed the mouths of the drains by the municipality to drain the water in the drains so that the water cannot come out of that land.

In this regard, public works executive Harun and Rashid said, we do not know who is farming fish there. However, the matter will be investigated.

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