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Adm. Dr. Shamim Al Saiful Sohag presented the development picture of fourteen years of the government. - dailypressjournal

Adm. Dr. Shamim Al Saiful Sohag presented the development picture of fourteen years of the government.

  • Update Time : Wednesday, September 20, 2023
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Md Yuvraj Mridha Patuakhali District Representative:-
On the eve of delivering the 14-year development message of the government of Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina to the people through leaflets, Baher Char Bazar and Khalgora Bazar of Rangabali Union, New Bridge Bazar of Chhotabaishdia Union, Taktabuniya Bazar and Tulatuli Launch Ghat of Barbaishdia Union, Maudubi Bazar and Nijkata Bazar of Maudubi Union of Rangabali Upazila. Public Relations Adv. Dr. Shamim Al Saiful Sohag.

Today, Tuesday, August 19, at 10 am in Rangabali Bah, during a public meeting at Char Lift Bitavan Car, he said, “After 14 years in power, Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina has impressed the world with great success, by eradicating militancy and countering anti-national conspiracy, creating a new milestone of development progress. Moving towards the goal of building Smart Bangladesh. Today, Bangladesh under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina is a role model for the world in food, security, housing, medical care, communication, agriculture, sports, education, women’s empowerment and economic development.
He highlighted the development and success of the Awami League government at a glance and said, construction of the country’s largest Padma bridge with its own funding, installation of Bangabandhu-1 satellite in space, conquest of sea borders, construction of tunnels under Kornphuli river, improvement of IT industry and IT sector at international level, 14 crores of the country. Bringing people under corona vaccination, supporting people of various professions including businessmen through food and various incentives during the corona period, currently, necessary cooperation initiatives have been taken with rice and pulses at fair price to crores of families of Bangladesh through TCB, construction of rural roads and culverts of 3200 madrasas. Construction of important highways in the country including Jatrabar-Mawa, Jatrabari-Demra and Rampura with 4 lanes, Elevated express construction, Metro rail project, Ruppur nuclear power station, Payra thermal power station, Rampal coal-fired power station to bring the people of the country under 100% electricity. ,Increasing power generation from 3268 MW to 20,000 MW, Construction of Paira seaport, Lowering the extreme poor limit to 10%, Payment of freedom fighters’ honorarium, Payment of old age, widow and disabled allowance, Promotion from low income country to middle income country, Women Economic and political empowerment, providing stipends to meritorious poor and women students, distribution of free books on the first day of the year, increase in literacy rate to 67%, increase in export income and employment and increase in per capita income which many people from neighboring countries, construction of various economic zones, various Nationalization of educational institutions, construction of model mosques in each upazila, increase in foreign exchange reserves, incredible success in agriculture and self-sufficiency in food in the country.

His family has distributed oxygen cylinders, medicine, PPI, masks and door-to-door food aid during the Corona period. Therefore, in order to build a smart Bangladesh under the leadership of Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina, vote for the boat to maintain the continuity of development in the country in the 12th National Parliament Elections. Awami League government led by Sheikh Hasina is needed again and again to establish democracy and good governance.

Former Upazila Jubo League President Humayun Talukdar, Acting President of Upazila Jubo League Md. Riaz Hauldar, Joint General Secretary of Upazila Jubo League Shukur Mir, District Jubo League member Russell Khan, Upazila Jubo League Freedom Fighter Affairs Secretary Saidul Khalifa, Upazila Jubo League member Mr. Mehdi were present among others. Hasan Mostak, Upazila Jubo League member Hossain Mallik, Upazila Jubo League member Elias, Jubo League member Hasaner Mridha, Charmontaz Union Jubo League President Ripon, Charmontaz Union Jubo League General Secretary Al Amin and many other leaders and activists.

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