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Who is Mahbub Shah! I would like to know Srinagar Phulkuchi residents ..........Where is the strength of its pole? - dailypressjournal

Who is Mahbub Shah! I would like to know Srinagar Phulkuchi residents ……….Where is the strength of its pole?

  • Update Time : Sunday, January 22, 2023
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Who is Mahbub Shah! I would like to know Srinagar Phulkuchi residents …………….. Where is the strength of its pole?

Staff Reporter :

The residents of Phulkuchi want to know where UP member Mahbub Shah Khoti of Phulkuchi village of Ward No. 5 of Kolapara Union of Munshiganj Upazila! His misdeeds are increasing one after another. Abdur Razzak, a resident of Phulkuchi Union for a long time, came back to the country after being in exile and moved to the country with his son. Mahbub Shah, a resident of the same village, was demanding extortion money from the current member Mahbub Shah Pramanik in an extortionist and terrorist manner. Near Abdur Razzaq. But Razzak and his family were attacked due to their refusal to pay the contribution, local residents including former members of the union came to the spot and rescued them. When he tried to stop the attack, the terrorists also beat him with a rod and injured him. Abdur Razzaq Pramanik said, despite the fact that I came to the country with my wife and son, if I do any good work, this extortionist Mahbub Shah and his terrorist group have been demanding money from me if I do any good work. At one stage he forced me to pay 10 lakhs. Not only that, every part of my body is wounded. A few days ago, I was held by the throat, and I was having a hard time breathing. I felt that I was no longer alive in the world. By God’s infinite mercy, I was saved by the shelter of people. Jatiya Dainik Asharya Pratidin Patrika made such a complaint in a written statement. Tanzila Akhtar, Lucky Akhtar, Mohammad Miraj Mollah, Shahinur Begum, Ripon Bepari, Majid Bepari, Saleha Begum, Maina Rani Mondal, Shahjahan, Sweety Akhtar, Selina Begum, Hanufa Begum, Abdur Razzak, Abdul Jalil, Sabina Akhtar and other victims are complaining. said . A few months ago I found a neglected road in Phulkuchi Union Ward No. 5 lying unworkable. When I wanted to do Swaroop so that the local people can live well, he stopped me from working, I wanted people to live for people, people for life can walk in a healthy way, no helpless, poor people are in danger and it is very dangerous for children to walk in the area. I felt bad seeing this. Phulkuchi union member Mahbub Shah brought people and told me I am only a WP member to do all the activities in the area, why did you come here? By saying this, he slapped me by the throat, kicked me, dragged me by the neck, called me again and demanded 2 lakh rupees, along with Mahbub Shah’s terrorist group. I was beaten with a knife and ramada and seriously injured, later he was taken to Health Complex Sadar Hospital in Srinagar Upazila. Local people said that at present the member Mahbub Shah is not a member and is of no use to the people of the area. He is involved in any kind of theft and robbery in the area. First, if you want to say anything against the member, if you want to protest, if you want to make a human chain, then you threaten everyone. Razzaq and his family complained that they did not pay attention to the OC of Srinagar police station Aminul Islam. At one point, when the officer was asked over the phone, he said that he has filed a case with us on two sides, we will consider it. I am not able to stay in the area due to the torture of the member. My urgent request to the honorable Prime Minister is to judge with justice and administration. The administration has been informed to provide full cooperation in this regard. On the other hand, Abdur Razzak’s wife complained and said, “My husband does not come home for a long time, he is wandering here and there, and the members and his people are threatening him.” I am drawing the attention of the administration, I want fair trial.

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