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03 companies fined for various irregularities in Bagerhat - dailypressjournal

03 companies fined for various irregularities in Bagerhat

  • Update Time : Tuesday, September 5, 2023
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Mehdi Hasan Nayan, Bagerhat

03 companies have been fined Rs.

On the morning of Monday 5th September, 3 establishments were fined a total of Rs.5,000/- as an administrative measure under Sections 38 and 43 of the Consumer Rights Protection Act, 2009 for not having a price list and coloring fish in KB and Fatehpur markets of Bagerhat.

Abdullah Al Imran, Assistant Director of National Consumer Protection Directorate Bagerhat, ordered the fine. The fines were immediately paid voluntarily by the accused institutions. The accused institutions promised to refrain from doing such irregularities again. Apart from this, as a part of regular monitoring, other establishments in the area are visited and leaflets and pamphlets are distributed to increase public awareness and prevent anti-consumer rights activities. During the drive, all the traders are instructed to hang the price list of the products in a visible place, sell the products at fair price, preserve the purchase vouchers, refrain from selling fake and adulterated products/medicines and refrain from illegal stocking. A representative of the Agricultural Marketing Officer and a team of Bagerhat District Police provided overall assistance in the campaign. Such operations will continue in public interest.

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