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Vegetable vendors are children's dreams. - dailypressjournal

Vegetable vendors are children’s dreams.

  • Update Time : Saturday, December 17, 2022
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Vegetable vendors are children’s dreams.

Md. Asadul Islam, Gaibandha Representative:

Eight years sea. He is the third of four brothers. Studying in second class of local government primary school. Old father Abdul Khalek died a couple of months ago due to lack of treatment and starvation. Mother Shantubhan has chosen a profession as an agricultural laborer to feed her 4 children. As the supply of female labor is high in Teesta’s grasslands, the owners take the opportunity to reduce the wages, giving 150-200 rupees. Do you have to work till 6am-Asr call to prayer? Besides, when the season ends, he does not get regular work. Full belly, half belly when and or fasting should be spent with Sagar and four children. A small sea falls in thought. He has to do something. Farmers have planted various crops including maize and potatoes in the border areas of Tarapur of Sundarganj in Gaibandha and Ulipur of Kurigram. Various kinds of vegetables, including Bathua, have grown in that crop field. Sagar comes to mind. He started picking vegetables from corn and potato fields.

Seeing the vegetable picking, Sagar joins in picking vegetables – Ukil, Raihan Babu, a first class student in the same school, Nahid, Ariful and Russell, a second class student in the same school. Sagar and other 5 children students brought the vegetables to Mirganj market in Sundarganj, which is about 6 kilometers from home, after crossing the inaccessible grasslands and tying small knots. Five vegetables are 10 taka. Buyers are dying to get fresh Bathua at a low price. Their vegetable bundles are sold out instantly. The reporter met the children there. Sagar’s eyes became sly after seeing the picture taken. What he wants to convey in the language of the eyes! As the sale was over, a woman appeared in front of them to collect the rent. The rent for six children is Rs. 5 per person.

Sagar Shaq sold 40 taka, Ariful 40 taka, Raihan 20 taka and others also get almost the same amount. So little money to sell and pay rent! They did not know. They are relieved to speak up. Everyone steps on the way home. It was not difficult to find Sagar and other children’s homes when we crossed the remote grasslands to see their lifestyle. Sagar was standing on the road with a dusty body. He knows by sight. Asking to get on the back of the bike The sea is happy, takes it home. It can be seen that there is polythene on a small mat in the house A shed made of wood and a stove in front of it. Sagar tells the tragic story behind his vegetable sales. The ocean says ‘Vegetables sold for 40 rupees. 3 singaras of fifteen rupees have eaten. Brought 3 laddus for Rs 15 for younger brother Russell, elder brother Sohail and mother Shantuvan at home. And he gave the remaining 10 rupees to his compassionate mother. Nahid, a second class student, said that her mother is also an agricultural worker. He is the fourth of five siblings. Father Abul Kashem ran away from his mother after birth. As the sisters got married, they spend their lives with their mother with their brother Zahid, who is studying in the third grade. They also have big dreams. From that dream some wanted to become a doctor, some master. But that dream will be fulfilled by the seas.

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