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Distribution of free eco-friendly Apan Chula in Kishoreganj, Nilphamari. - dailypressjournal

Distribution of free eco-friendly Apan Chula in Kishoreganj, Nilphamari.

  • Update Time : Saturday, February 18, 2023
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Ratan Kumar Roy, Traveling Representative, Kishoreganj, Nilphamari:

Environmentally friendly Apan Chula free of air pollution has been distributed among the needy and poor families of various unions of Kishoreganj Upazila of Nilphamari. Beneficiaries are provided with their own stoves along with stove usage rules. In the morning and afternoon of January-February, local well-known social workers (female-male) from different unions of the upazila are appointed as village leaders for each ward by appointing 1/2 people as village leaders in each neighborhood/mohalla. Guangzhou Iceberg, China “Guangzhou Iceberg Environmental Consulting Services Co., Ltd.” These eco-friendly stoves are distributed to every needy and poor family with the funding of The distribution ceremony was attended by Director (Activities) Md. Zahurul Haque Bulbul, ABM Hasan, Representative Guangzhou Iceberg Environmental Consulting Services Co., Ltd. was present as the Chief Guest and Khaleya, Rangpur Sadar, Rangpur, Bangladesh. National level NGO “Grassroot Cooperation Limited” (Director Finance) Md. Anand Pallab Najel, Field Facilitator Md. Mokarema Begum, Nayan Mohant, Rauful Alam. Former President of VDC of Kishoreganj Keshba Village Md. Abdul Haque performed the duties of village leader. As an invited guest. President of Kishoreganj Press Club Md. Abu Taher, General Secretary Md. Rauful Alam, Journalist Nishad Hossain and many others were present.Our stoves are made using scientific methods and readily available materials. After the distribution program, Director of Grassroots Co-Operation Limited Md Zahurul Haque Bulbul said, “Bangladesh Apon Chula Improved Cook Stove Program” managed by Grassroots in collaboration with Iceberg is implementing in Rajshahi and Rangpur divisions. Undoubtedly, it is environmentally friendly, safe and fuel efficient timely program. In continuation of which, the organization expressed its intention to continue the free stove distribution program for the welfare of poor people in all unions of this upazila. The chief guest said, I am impressed by your stove distribution system. When asked whether she is getting the benefit of using this stove, Mamata Begum, the wife of beneficiary Bakul who uses her stove, said, “Sir, because of the energy (Khari) crisis, we used to cook once a day and eat three times before.” Now we cook twice in our oven with cooking fuel of traditional stove. Washing is relatively less. Very happy with Grassroots for arranging your stove. Director Finance Md. Anand Pallab Najel said, environment is important for us. People have been made aware of this eco-friendly stove to be free from human diseases. Everyone is benefiting from it. Everyone in the village is more disease free than before. He also said that he intends to bring everyone in the village under his hearth within the next year for the benefit of the people. Also ‘Apan Chula’ is an improved stove. The heat of the fire in your oven is more useful. As a result, it cooks faster with less fuel.

Ratan Kumar Roy

Kishoreganj, Nilphamari.

01764-763161 Date: 01/02/23

The managing committee of Teesta Degree College voted for the winners.

Mohammad Ali Sanu, District Representative, Nilphamari:

The traditional Teesta Degree College is situated on the banks of the Teesta River in Nilphamari Dimla Upazila. According to the 1984 Constitution of the National University, the tenure of the Managing Committee is 4 years. In continuation of that, polling started at 10 am today and continued till 4 pm in a festive atmosphere. 6 candidates participated in the vote. Among them, number 1 is Ah Khalek, number 2 Fazlar Rahman, number 3 Saifur Rahman, number 4 Harunar Rashid, number 5 Hajera Khatun and number 6 Shamiul Islam participated. Md. Syed Ali, the principal of the institution, served as the returning officer. Upazila Secondary Education Office Academic Supervisor Amir Borhan was in charge of presiding. According to the information of the returning officer, 357 votes were polled out of 450 votes. In this, Chamiul Islam, number 6, got 243 votes, Abdul Khalek, number 1, 240 votes, Fazlar Rahman, number 2, won by getting 213 votes.

Mohammad Ali Sanu

01717745058, Date: 01/02/23

Success will come one day, just waiting for time.

Rauful Alam, Bureau Chief Rangpur:

Rabindranath ran away from school, Nazrul could not study much. And Lalan did not understand what school is! But today people study them, even if they want to get a big degree, they have to read their writings. Andrew Carnegie was not allowed to enter the park because of his dirty clothes, 30 years later he bought the park and put up a sign saying it was open to everyone. Steve Job used to walk 7 miles to church just hoping for a grain of rice one day. Ambedkar, the founder of the Indian constitution, was a lower caste, so he had to sit on the school balcony and attend classes, no car would take him. He walked miles and miles and took the exam. The governor of Bangladesh Bank studied by collecting subscriptions from the market. Although he could repay all the debts, he never had the courage to repay the subscription money. Thinking about appearance? Sheikh Sadi’s face was quite ugly, Lata Mangeshkar’s face was not very pretty, Taimur Long was lame. World famous warrior Napoleon Bonaparte was at the bet, everyone has seen the height of Sachin Tendulkar. Abraham Lincoln’s face and hands were very large. Thinking about the power of memory? Einstein could not even remember his home address. The truth is nothing can stand in the way of your progress. If anything stands in the way, it is your inner fear. You have to overcome fear, you have to move forward with courage. Successful people have always tried, they got success by trying hard. Let nothing stand in the way of your success. Good luck to all.

Md. Rouful Alam

01774-407666 Date: 01/02/22

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