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Terrorist attack on president of upazila press club for reporting irregularities in Kabikha-Kabita project in  Kurigram, Phulbari. - dailypressjournal

Terrorist attack on president of upazila press club for reporting irregularities in Kabikha-Kabita project in  Kurigram, Phulbari.

  • Update Time : Wednesday, January 25, 2023
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Terrorist attack on president of upazila press club for reporting irregularities in Kabikha-Kabita project in  Kurigram, Phulbari.

Kurigram Correspondent :

There was a terrorist attack on a journalist for reporting the irregularities of Kabika-Kabita project in Phulbari of Kurigram. Journalist leaders of Phulbari upazila strongly condemned this incident.  In a meeting held under the chairmanship of Phulbari Press Club President Emdadul Haque Milan at 11 am on Tuesday, January 24, journalist leaders strongly condemned the insulting of the journalist.

 Senior Journalist Abdul Aziz Majnu, President of Fulbari Press Club Emdadul Haque Milon, General Secretary Rabiul Islam Belal, President of Upazila Press Club Mahbub Hossain Sarkar Litu, General Secretary Zakaria Mia, General Secretary of Fulbari Upazila Press Club Jahangir Alam spoke.

 Senior journalist Abdul Aziz Majnu said that the news of the ongoing Kabika-Kabita project in the upazila has been published.  Amanur Rahman Ratan, a UP member of Bhangamor Union of Upazila and his terrorist group, attacked Mahbub Hossain Sarkar, the Upazila representative of Daily Umar Ekhonada newspaper and the President of Upazila Press Club, for publishing the news.

 We strongly condemn this terrorist attack.  General Secretary of Phulbari Press Club, Rabiul Islam Belal said, I am demanding a fair investigation into the incident of terrorist attack on the journalist due to the publication of the news of the allocation of 900 for the poor people.

 The meeting demanded that those involved in the incident be brought under the law and exemplary punishment.  Otherwise, the journalist leaders said that a larger movement program will be taken up in the future.  All journalists of Phulbari Press Club, Upazila Press Club and Phulbari Upazila Press Club were present in the said meeting.

 It is to be noted that terrorist forces led by Amanur Rahman Ratan attacked journalist Mahbub Hossain and insulted him on his way home after performing his professional duties on Sunday evening.

The chairman was beaten up in Nageshwari, Kurigram, 3 arrested.

 Saifur Rahman Shamim, Kurigram –

 Police have arrested three accused in the case of beating Asaduzzaman Roni, chairman of Bamondanga Union Parishad (UP) of Nageshwari Upazila of Kurigram. They were arrested from their house in a raid on Tuesday afternoon.

Those arrested are James Bepari son of Shamchul Bepari of Kutibamondanga area of ​​that union, Milan Bepari son of Mojibor Bepari of Maliani area and Akhlad Hossain son of deceased Hafez Munsi.

According to the police in Ejaharmule, on Monday night, during the court proceedings in the chairman’s own office in Bandhu Bazar, chairman Asaduzzaman Roni was attacked by former chairman Amjad Hossain’s younger brother Syed Ali and Nurul Islam Tunku, along with six-seven masked people.  The assailants fled when the chairman’s head was split open and bloodied by the blows of their rods.  Later, the people present took the Chairman to Nageshwari Upazila Health Complex with serious injuries.  He was taken to Rangpur Medical College Hospital from there at night.

Chairman Roni’s father Md.  Shah Alam filed a case in Nageshwari police station accusing 15 people including the former chairman as the plaintiff.  The plaintiff in the case claimed that they attacked him with the intention of killing his son.

Nageshwari Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Nabiul Hasan said that three people were arrested from their house around noon after raids were conducted at various places to catch the accused.  They have been sent to jail through the court.

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