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Swarupkathir Bolodia UP Babul Member Govt The embezzlement of Brij's goods has been reported. - dailypressjournal

Swarupkathir Bolodia UP Babul Member Govt The embezzlement of Brij’s goods has been reported.

  • Update Time : Thursday, November 24, 2022
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Swarupkathir Bolodia UP Babul Member Govt The embezzlement of Brij’s goods has been reported.

Staff Reporter:

The concerned Babul member has sold the goods of 2 LG SP Bridges of Ward No. 6 of UP in Ball No. 1 of Pirojpur Nesharabad Swarupkathi Upazila. In front of Chaul Malek’s house of Shah Alam Fakir of Binna village, two canals of LG SP’s bridge are seen filled with soil. Several local people said that two iron bridges 30 feet long and 6 feet wide and the other 25 feet long and 6 feet wide iron bridge were opened for road development work. The people of Babul Member area said that the iron and scrap used for the bridge were sold to the traders. In this regard, the member of Ward No. 6, Md. Babul, said that all of them are unusable, so I have sold them. Meanwhile, Mahbu B, the goods buyer of the government bridge, said that Babul member sold 351 kg of old angle and beam to me for Tk 44 per kg. On that day, I sold Swarupkathi to a businessman of Magura village at the price of 47 taka. Union Secretary Didarul Islam said that member Babul did not inform the council of the union about this matter. I did not have any resolution here, I do not know anything about it, everything remained unknown to us. He also said that the Union Parishad has no right to sell any government goods. He also said that the upazila officer has to give tenders through various procedures and committees. Member Babul sold government property without following any such process which is totally illegal. He also said that the Union Parishad Chairman did not know anything about this even he was not asked. Residents of No. 1 Bolodia 6 Ward said that Babur members are doing misdemeanors here and there. Not only that, the poor poor families of the council filed a complaint to complain that people and TCB products are being charged Tk 100 more than before. The government allotment actually takes advance money from us on Aadhaar at night. When asked by the media personnel, Babul member said that Sohag member is behind me, not only that, he is doing various kinds of occurrences, even if no one pays attention to it. If I do something, the journalists and the people combine against me. When asked by the media person to the people, they gave the opposite explanation, they said, Sohag member is honest and brave and whatever he does, he does only one thing. The members who are there are requested to distribute the government allocation fairly among the poor and helpless people of each ward. inform 21/11-2022 English TCB products without his allocation card and chairman’s signature, he distributed wood to the poor people at 405 taka, but when the journalist went there, there was no signature of the TNO and the chairman, the complaints were found on the spot.

World Antimicrobial Awareness Week – 2022 completed in Swaroopakathi.

Suman Khan:

I will take medicine, I will follow the instructions according to the advice of the registrar doctor” and keeping that slogan in front, World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2022 was completed under the initiative of Pirojpur Nesharabad Swarupkathi Upazila Health Complex. On Wednesday in the hospital’s auditorium, people were advised to be aware of the use of antibiotics. Swarupkathi Hospital’s own The seminar on antibiotic use was completed in the auditorium, maintaining a nice and tidy environment. The program started at 11 am. TH Dr. Firoz Kibria of Upazila Health Complex was present as the chief guest. Many doctors of the hospital were present as discussants. In the awareness week discussion. Many doctors in the hospital presented many important information about the use of medicine in order to raise awareness in the public interest. It is not right to take antibiotic medicine without understanding if you are sick. The registrar gave important advice to take the medicine according to the doctor’s advice after examining the symptoms of the patient. Another doctor in the discussion said something about the use of antibiotic medicine. Important information Presented in today’s seminar. He said candidly that we doctors sometimes suggest taking antibiotic medicine for the patient without realizing it. And some do not refer the patient of our chamber to another place. We think sending patients will cause reputational damage. In fact, we need to change the mentality of all doctors. One request for all of us to get the benefit of today’s seminar, ” Antibiotic medicine should be taken as per the advice of registrar doctor after examining the symptoms of the disease”. Feroz Kibria, chief physician of the hospital, who was the chief guest at the event, said that the patient needs to be carefully screened before administering antibiotic medicine. It is not right to suggest taking unnecessary antibiotic medicine while maintaining your sanity and self-respect. Also, it is not right to take antibiotic medicine without the advice of the registrar’s doctor. Also, it is better not to take advice from any unscrupulous or quack doctor. If there is a disease, there will be a disease, but it is very dangerous to take antibiotics without knowing it. We all need to be aware of the use of antibiotics. According to the latest information, many mass media workers of the district and upazila were present in today’s seminar. Apart from the top doctors of the hospital, many health workers were also present on the occasion.

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