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Shaikh Rifad Mahmud donates blankets for helpless people. - dailypressjournal

Shaikh Rifad Mahmud donates blankets for helpless people.

  • Update Time : Tuesday, January 24, 2023
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Shaikh Rifad Mahmud donates blankets for helpless people.

Man for man, life for life is eternally true, but very few people actually hold this message. Because the virtual world and human busyness are pushing people away from their human activities. A society, village or region can move forward through humanitarian activities.

The intensity of winter is increasing every day. Desperate, helpless people in severe winter. Social entrepreneur Shaikh Rifad Mahmud is going to these helpless, impoverished people in Natore with blankets to beat the cold. Rifad along with his friends ignores the bone-chilling winter of Magh month, goes around in the darkness of night and delivers winter clothes door to door to the disabled and cold. Rifad’s social and humanitarian activities have been appreciated by the local residents.

Chairman of SRI Welfare Foundation Sheikh Rifad Mahmud said, it is everyone’s moral responsibility and duty to stand by the poor people. Along with the government, wealthy people should also come forward. It is possible to save the poor people from the hardships of winter only through the collective efforts of all.

He also said that he should not only protect his own interests but should give himself up for the helpless people. Self-satisfaction is possible only through human work.

Rifad has been involved in social activities since childhood. Sheikh Rifad Mahmud, a computer engineering student, is working quietly with the conviction of building a humane society. He is working to contribute to the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. He helps children’s education and rights, distribution of free educational materials and new clothes to underprivileged children, food during various disasters and festivals. At first, Rifad took the initiative to buy books, clothes and food for the education of poor children by saving his tiffin and hand-me-downs; Then he is conducting activities on a large scale by establishing SRI Welfare Foundation.

Currently, Sheikh Rifad Mahmud is also serving as an advisory board member of Global Student Forum, a global student organization established in Belgium. In 2020, the Global Student Forum was established in Brussels, Belgium with the combination of Commonwealth Students Association, All-Africa Students Union, European Students Union, Organizing Bureau of European School Student Union. Currently, the organization represents 202 student organizations from 122 countries.

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