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Residents are fed up with the begging of the owner of Paka Bharan in Banaripara. - dailypressjournal

Residents are fed up with the begging of the owner of Paka Bharan in Banaripara.

  • Update Time : Tuesday, January 17, 2023
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Residents are fed up with the begging of the owner of Paka Bharan in Banaripara.

Banaripara Representative :

Begging is a social problem and crime. Begging is prohibited in the prevailing laws of Bangladesh. Begging is not permissible in Islam. Hazrat Rasoolullah (SAW) said, Divorcing one’s wife and begging are the worst of the halal deeds in the sight of Allah. At present, begging has been banned in Bangladesh, but many have survived this poor begging as a means of survival. But a complete exception happened in Ward No. 9 of Banaripara Upazila Municipality of Barisal District. Abdul Barek, a resident of the fire service of that ward, is corrupting the society by begging in spite of having abundant assets, solid buildings, and two capable sons. Also trying to present the area as a beggar’s area. In actual sense, the house of Abdul Barek Sahib is a semi-paved building with 9 rooms. Eldest son Zakir does business in Dhaka. Chhota Zahidul Islam deals in raw materials in Sylhet. Abdul Barek and his children are in a very good financial position. After this, some journalists from Banaripara came out to find out why Abdul Barek, the owner of the semi-paved building adjacent to the fire service, went out to beg constantly. According to the investigation report, Abdul Barek’s younger son Zahid has been trying hard to get out of this hated profession of his father. Prominent persons of the area have been honored. The councilor of that ward has approached many people. But while returning father’s alms, parents have accepted the case and harassment by Zakir’s Roshanle. There is no effort that has not been done to turn the father from this forbidden act. Rather, his brother Zakir and his brother’s wife are supporting this begging profession of Zahid’s father. Zahid insists that we are capable, I want to bring my father to me. My father is not coming back from this job after I told him how much he would pay in a month. Living in society has become a liability. Investigation revealed that Zahid’s elder brother Zakir is doing the same business in Dhaka on the pretext of his father’s illness. Abdul Barek’s grandchildren are growing up in that house. But they are not able to show their face in the society due to grandfather’s activities. Abdul Barek’s relatives have asked for the good eyesight of all those engaged in this duty, including the UNO of Banaripara, as to why he is holding on to this profession and why he is not coming out of this forbidden work. Subject to proper investigation, the relatives of Abdul Barek requested to stop this social disorder of begging and make arrangements for everyone to live in a healthy and beautiful environment. Locals say Abdul Barek’s younger son Zahir is strongly opposed to his father’s hated profession. Tried a lot in the past days to return. He could not return but faced many problems from everyone including brother Zakir. Zahid wants his father to come back from this forbidden profession. Zahid agrees to take all the responsibilities of his father. Then the father is unable to come out of this sinful path due to the instigation of his elder brother Zakir. meanwhile The Ministry of Social Welfare has undertaken a program entitled “Rehabilitation and alternative employment of the begging population” with the funding of the government’s revenue sector for the rehabilitation and alternative employment of the population engaged in begging in order to implement the government’s commitment to alleviate poverty in the country and to wean people from the unworthy occupations such as begging. The activities of the program started from August/2010 AD. Beggar rehabilitation program started from 2010. The present philanthropic government is very serious about eradicating social evils like begging forever. In the last fiscal year 2016-17, allocation of Tk 28 lakhs was approved for beggar rehabilitation sector. The money has been released in 09 districts. In the financial year 2017-18, money has been sent to 58 districts for beggar rehabilitation and other expenses. In 36 districts money is sent at the rate of 4-5 lakhs, in 16 districts at the rate of 5-6 lakhs and in 6 districts at the rate of 7-10 lakhs. In the financial year 2018-19 money has been sent in 38 districts for rehabilitation of beggars and other expenses. 2019- In FY 20, money was sent to 41 districts for beggar rehabilitation and other expenses. In FY 2020-21, money was sent to various districts. In FY 2021-22, money was sent to 63 districts and expenditure was incurred for necessary goods and training equipment, including construction of 16 semi-pacha residential buildings. .The release of funds for the financial year 2022-23 is under process. Where the government is always trying to get out of this begging, how a well-off person like Abdul Barek is stuck in this despicable way? If those whose fuel is depriving everyone of prohibited professions and punish them by law, such brainless people from the society will be able to return to a normal life to some extent. Abdul Barek’s younger son, Zahid, could be interviewed on this matter, but Zakir, the elder son, could not be contacted as his mobile phone was not available. In this regard, local councilor and panel mayor Emam Hossain said that Abdul Barek begged. I myself went to their house and killed them a lot. I have also told his elder brother Zakir that he plays a silent role. For his wife. His younger son Zahid tried hard to stop his father’s begging. Apart from me, many people have forbidden Abdul Barek from begging.

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