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Rape of 5th class minor girl in Satkania of Chittagong arrested in Anwara. - dailypressjournal

Rape of 5th class minor girl in Satkania of Chittagong arrested in Anwara.

  • Update Time : Sunday, January 1, 2023
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Rape of 5th class minor girl in Satkania of Chittagong arrested in Anwara.

Report – Minhaj Bangali

The alleged victim is 14 years old and a student of class 5 in a government primary school in Satkania. He went to school for private study as usual on 17th December 2022 AD at approximately 1400 hrs. On the way back from school after private, accused Md Arif found the victim alone and forcibly took her to an abandoned place behind the school toilet. At that time, when the child victim screamed, Arif grabbed her face and forcibly raped her, saying that if she screamed, he would kill her. Later, the rapist, Arif, asked the victim to rape her and go home and intimidated her not to tell anyone about the incident.

 Later, when the victim came home, seeing his illness, his mother wanted to know about his sudden illness. The victim then told her mother about the aforementioned rape and that she was bleeding. Seeing that the victim’s physical condition was bad, his parents rushed him to Chittagong Medical College Hospital. Currently, the child victim is undergoing treatment at Chittagong Medical College Hospital One Stop Emergency Service Center.

In the said incident, the victim’s father filed a case against Md. Arif as the plaintiff on December 20, 2022 AD at the Satkania police station of Chittagong district under section 9 (1) of the Prevention of Torture against Women and Children Act 2020 (Amended 2020), whose case is No-17/414 , dated 20 December 2022 AD.

 RAB-7, Chittagong shadow investigation and detective surveillance started to arrest the accused Arif involved in the incident since the said case was established. In continuation of this, a raiding team of RAB-7, Chittagong conducted a special operation on 30th December 2022 AD at approximately 1615 hours in Anwara area of ​​Chittagong district, the only accused in the said rape case named Azahar, the rapist Md. Arif (26), father-deceased Ahmad Kabir, Sang- Anwara government managed to arrest Hat, Thana-Anwara, District-Chittagong. Later on in the interrogation of the arrested accused in the presence of the witnesses, he candidly confessed to raping the above mentioned minor child victim.

The arrested accused has been handed over to the concerned police station of Chittagong district for further legal action.

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