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RAB has arrested 05 members in charge of Dawati branch of Khulna, Bagerhat and Gopalganj regions of banned militant organization 'Ansar Al Islam' from Bagerhat. - dailypressjournal

RAB has arrested 05 members in charge of Dawati branch of Khulna, Bagerhat and Gopalganj regions of banned militant organization ‘Ansar Al Islam’ from Bagerhat.

  • Update Time : Saturday, September 2, 2023
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RAB has been playing an effective and important role in suppressing militancy through continuous operations and surveillance. Recently RAB has arrested more than a hundred militants including the Ameer and top leaders of the militant organization “Jamatul Ansar Fil Hindal Sharqiya” engaged in anti-national conspiracy by joining forces with the hill separatist organization ‘KNF’ and receiving training in the hills. In addition, RAB continues regular surveillance against the activities of other banned militant organizations. Since its inception, RAB has brought about 03,000 militants of various militant organizations and after the Holy Artisan attack, about 02,000 militants under the law. RAB forces foiled the plans of the militants through sandashi operations whenever the militants raised their heads.

In continuation of this, last night based on the information of the state intelligence agency DGFI, RAB Headquarters Intelligence Branch and RAB-6 in the operation of the banned militant organization ‘Ansar Al Islam’, Khulna, Bagerhat and Gopalganj region Dawati Branch 1. Md. Tariqul Islam (23), father-deceased Kamal Ghazi, Pirojpur along with 2. Md Akash@Abdullah (23), father- Gauch Molla, Gopalganj, 3. Tajimuddin @ Jaseemuddin (21), father-Mohammed Zakir Fakir, Gopalganj, 4. Ismail Hasan Anik (20), father- Matiur Rahman, Madaripur and 5. Md. Ripon (20), father-Syed Ahaduzzaman, Gopalganj were arrested from Bagerhat. Extremist pamphlets and note books related to organizational activities were recovered.

Preliminary interrogation of the arrested revealed that the arrested are members of the banned militant organization ‘Ansar Al Islam’. They were conducting activities inspired by the ideology of ‘Ansar al Islam’, a militant organization of Al Qaeda ideology inspired by the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan. They joined the organization through the members of the organization after seeing the speeches of various spiritual leaders such as Tamim Al Adnani, Harun Izhar, Gunbi and others online. Later they were conducting invitational activities to collect members of the organization. The members of the organization are interested in the establishment of an Islamic state through the so-called Jihad by misunderstanding through various religious misinterpretations including torture of Muslims in neighboring countries. For this purpose, they used to provide extremist pamphlets, torture on Muslims and videos of extremist leaders’ speeches to the members of the organization. They also used to collect money regularly from their relatives, different madrasas and members by providing false information for running the activities of the organization. It is also known that at various times they used to hold secret meetings with members in mosques, houses or different places. They used various misinterpretations and false information to radicalize the members to establish an Islamic state by creating disgust with the judicial and governance system of the country.

Arrested Tariqul used to lead a mosque in Gopalganj. He joined Ansar al-Islam in 2021, inspired by Omar, a senior member of Ansar al-Islam, while studying at a madrasa in Dighlia. Under the guidance of that person named Omar, he entered various pages of Al Qaeda, various social media sites and various Facebook groups, reviewed and inspired more militancy and himself joined Dawa activities and collected members. Later, he invited several classmates, including Abdullah, who was studying at Madrasa in Dighlia, to join the organization. He conducted dawat activities along with imam in the mosque in Gopalganj and was in charge of dawat branches in Khulna, Bagerhat and Gopalganj areas. He also maintained regular contact with like-minded people from neighboring countries through social media. He is known to regularly collect money from members, torturing Muslims and providing videos of extremist leaders’ speeches and various extremist pamphlets. It is said that the collected money was collected from a person named Omar and used for the work of the organization.

During the interrogation of the arrested Abdullah, it was learned that he was studying in a madrasa in Bagerhat. Joined ‘Ansar Al Islam’ in 2021 through Tariqul who was arrested while studying at a madrasa in Dighlia, Khulna. During his studies at the madrasa in Dighlia, Tariqul conducted dawa activities among other classmates. Later, while studying at Madrasa in Bagerhat, he started conducting dawat activities. For his excellence in Dawati activities, he was given the responsibility of Dawati Branch in Khulna and Bagerhat region. Besides regularly collecting money from members, he is known to torture Muslims and distribute videos of extremist leaders’ speeches and various extremist pamphlets.

The arrested Tajimuddin used to lead a local Madrasah in Gopalganj. He was a classmate of the arrested Abdullah while studying in a madrasa in Dighlia. He was inspired by the ideology of Ansar Al Islam through Abdullah in 2021. He used to have meetings with Tariqul and Abdullah at various times in his madrasah/house. He used to collect various extremist pamphlets, torture of Muslims and videos of speeches of extremist leaders from Tariqul. He is an invitational program in his own area

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