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NSI says to give jobs in the department Tungipara and Gopalganj capitalized fraud of Tk. 25 lakhs. - dailypressjournal

NSI says to give jobs in the department Tungipara and Gopalganj capitalized fraud of Tk. 25 lakhs.

  • Update Time : Thursday, December 1, 2022
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NSI says to give jobs in the department Tungipara and Gopalganj capitalized fraud of Tk. 25 lakhs.

Md. Tahidul Islam Manirampur Upazila Representative:

Hon’ble Prime Minister Name of nearest relative Police chief Name of MP Ministers Name of high ranking government officials Names of business and jobs Accepted Tk 25 lakhs. The glory of Gopalganj and Bangladesh is the mother of humanity, the daughter of Bangabandhu, the mother of humanity, the brave daughter of the world, the honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, the jewel of the country, Sheikh Hasina, the leader known to the world, the craftsman of building a digital country. Just when he was working, some fraudsters are creating problems in the country by worshiping party leaders and workers. Such a fraudster was found in Tuiparai. Accused No. 1 — Md. Aminul Islam Sardar (43) father-deceased Barik Sardar Village: Gimadanga, Upazila: Tungipara District: Gopalganj. When Sarojmin entered Manirampur No. 17 Manoharpur Union, a lot of unknown information came out during the meeting of several people in the area. The fraudster had committed this incident about two years ago. The victim Nazrul Islam said that the police constable NSI essential drug company for 3 government jobs know that the people of the area will give business and government jobs. The fraudster Aminul Islam (Tweepara) in 2019 through Rustom Faki, the fraudster first gave Tk 10 lakh. After a few days passed, the fraudster took pictures and names of leaders, ministers and senior administration officials on Facebook and took new tricks by saying that they would offer jobs in bank accounts, SA Paribahan, various Bikash numbers and took Tk 15 lakhs in total. Meanwhile, Nazrul’s family has been completely calm. If they want the money back, they will give it today, they will give it tomorrow. This is how the fraudsters have been delaying the money. If they want the money back from their business and job, the fraudsters threaten to destroy their lives. The fraudster has about 25 mobile sims which are all closed at present. According to reliable sources, Aminul lives with Dhakai leaders and three wives of the fraudster Aminul Sardar. It is known that all three wives and mother are aware about the money. Nazrul Islam said. , my family may be attacked and killed at any time. However, the fraudsters will be responsible for this. This is feared by the conscious community and general public of the area. Finally, the victim Nazrul Islam Dhabak filed a case in the administrative court of Manirampur Jessore. Tang-14/06/22 A.D. whose -CR- No. 440/2022 A.D. The present case was given under investigation by CID Jessore Court. CID submitted the report of the case to the court. All branches of the administration have been directed to arrest the accused.

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