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Mustard exhibition and field day with farmers in CTG, Satkania. - dailypressjournal

Mustard exhibition and field day with farmers in CTG, Satkania.

  • Update Time : Thursday, January 19, 2023
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Mustard exhibition and field day with farmers in CTG, Satkania.

Minhaj Bengali :

Mustard exhibition and field day under the revenue sector of 2022-23 financial year was held with successful farmers in South Dhemsha 1st Ward under Satkania Upazila with the theme of “Building a Country with Agriculture, Mustard Bangladesh”. It was presided over by Abdul Mannan, a veteran of the successful farming area, Satkania Upazila Agricultural Extension Officer Shariful Islam, Deputy Assistant Plant Conservation Officer Shambhunath Deb, Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Mizanur Rahman, UP Member of Ward No. 1 Akter Kamal, 2nd No. Ward UP member Hanif Manik was presided over by Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Sirajul Quader. Among the guests, the chief guest addressed the farmers in his speech. Our country is an agricultural country. Therefore, as a major agricultural country, we all have to give importance to agricultural work. It is possible to meet the demand of oil in the country by increasing the production. Besides, the amount of oil required by a family can be met by producing mustard by producing mustard oil. Currently, mustard is very important in the country’s economy market. Besides, he also said that after this mustard cultivation, Bureau rice cultivation can be done very easily in the same land after only 2/1 months. It is possible to make profit in a short time with low cost in this mustard cultivation. Not only mustard cultivation, agricultural extension department satkania upazila will support as much as government support is needed for any agricultural work. On the other hand, the successful farmers of this area, Mohammad Salim, Mohammad Osman Gani, Dula Mia and Mohammad Janu Mia, thanked the honorable Prime Minister for benefiting from the cultivation of this mustard with the help of Satkania Upazila Agriculture Extension Department.

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