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Fasting in half a hundred villages in Chandpur today - dailypressjournal

Fasting in half a hundred villages in Chandpur today

  • Update Time : Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Md. Siam Hossain.
Like the other year, in conjunction with the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, half a hundred villages in Chandpur have started fasting. All preparations for fasting have been made since Thursday, followers of this doctrine said.

Sadra Darbar Sharif’s Pirzada Maulana Arif Chowdhury confirmed the information on Wednesday (March 22). In the morning, the formality of the fast will begin by eating Sehri.

The same information said, Maulana Mahbubur Rahman, the Imam of Tora Munsirhat Bazar Jama Masjid.

Meanwhile, in addition to Faridganj in Chandpur, the preparations for fasting have been reported at the same time in half a hundred villages in the north of Hajiganj, Shahrasti and Matlab.

Maulana Arif Chowdhury of Sadra Darbar Sharif said that Ramadan, Holy Eid al -Fitr and Eid -ul -Azha were celebrated in other countries including Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. We, too, calculate the Chandramas and obeying religious provisions in the same rules.

Sadra Darbar Sharif’s late Pir Maulana Ishaq (RA) has introduced the doctrine of various festivals including fasting, two Eid and religious events since 120. The followers of this doctrine will start fasting today on Thursday.
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