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In Ulipur of Kurigram, the educational institution is a sanctuary for drugs and obscenities. - dailypressjournal

In Ulipur of Kurigram, the educational institution is a sanctuary for drugs and obscenities.

  • Update Time : Tuesday, November 22, 2022
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In Ulipur of Kurigram, the educational institution is a sanctuary for drugs and obscenities.
Saifur Rahman Shamim, Kurigram:
A technical education institute was established in the year 2008 by the private organization Center for Match Education in Science (CMES) in Madhya Umanand village, Ward No. 9 of Tabakpur UP, Ulipur Upazila of Kurigram.  In about 10 trades, 100 students are admitted every year for various terms.  The teaching continued with great splendor.  This institution has a great response in rural towns in remote areas.  After 8 long years in 2016, the Hatat authorities closed down the institution.  and removes expensive and essential items including computers used in educational activities.  Only chairs, tables and furniture remain, which have already become unusable.  In this situation, the external infrastructure is being destroyed due to carelessness and neglect for 6 years.  Not only that, the local residents have been complaining that anti-social activities, lawlessness, obscene activities including drug consumption in the hangout of the mischievous youths are going on almost at night.
Going to the surface, it is known that only one caretaker named Md Russell Mia (22) is often busy with his work.  According to local sources, he was working in another company in Dhaka for the last 1 year.
Donors of the land of the institution, retired district education officer Alhaj Md. Abdul Hai Sarkar, former supervisor of Rangpur Medical College, Dr. Maudud Hossain Rabu, Md. Khairul Ismam, expatriate from Finland, said that we are necessary for the technical institution for the socio-economic development of the area and the creation of skilled manpower.  Donate the land.  But now the beat has reversed.  Now the locals demand that any educational institution should be opened on an urgent basis in the campus with abandoned infrastructure in order to maintain the environment of this region.  Otherwise the abandoned buildings along with the environment of the area will be destroyed in a short span of time.
According to reliable sources, the younger brother of Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank, Dr. Ibrahim is the founder and managing director of CMES. Although the service work of this organization has stopped, the micro credit program is running magnificently in some other places including Chilmari.  Chilmari Thanahat branch in-charge Md. Kamruzzaman admitted that the credit program is ongoing and said that we give loans to the poor students who have received training in our technical education institutions.  But in reality the picture is different.
In Kurigram, a brother was killed by a brother over a trivial incident.
Saifur Rahman Shamim, Kurigram:
A person named Azizul Haque (50) was killed in a trivial incident at Kalirhat of Bangsonahat Union of Bhurungamari Upazila of Kurigram in an attack by his rival brother. According to local residents, 35 thousand rupees were lost from Azizul Haque’s house a few days ago.  He questioned a daughter-in-law of his brother Fazal Haque about this.  This led to a conflict with Fazal Haque’s family.
On Monday (November 21) morning, when Azizul Haque (55) went to cut paddy in the land near his house, his elder brother Fazal Haque (60), elder sister, two sons Sohail (35), Ratan (24) and son-in-law Azizul came forward to see him.  Haque was beaten up.  Azizul Haque died on the spot.
In this regard, Banga Sonahat UP Chairman Mainul Islam Liton said that when Azizul Haque was cutting paddy, he started arguing with his brother about the stolen money.  Azizul Haque was killed on the spot by an opponent.  Later, police along with OC (Investigation) of Bhurungamari police station arrived and took the body to the police station.
Bhurungamari police station officer in charge Alamgir Hossain confirmed the truth of the incident and said that the body has been brought to the police station and will be sent for postmortem.  So far none of the accused have been arrested but efforts are on to arrest them and the case is under process.

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