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In Taraganj (Rangpur), Melabar Babupara Mentally Handicapped and Autistic School Celebrate Spring and Valentine's Day. - dailypressjournal

In Taraganj (Rangpur), Melabar Babupara Mentally Handicapped and Autistic School Celebrate Spring and Valentine’s Day.

  • Update Time : Saturday, February 18, 2023
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In Taraganj (Rangpur), Melabar Babupara Mentally Handicapped and Autistic School Celebrate Spring and Valentine’s Day.

Mominur Sarkar, Taraganj (Rangpur) Representative:

International Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the occasion of Spring and Valentine’s Day by organizing food for special students and various sports and cake cutting by teachers/teachers. Kishoreganj Press Club President Md. Abu Taher and General Secretary Md. Rauful Alam inaugurated these day-long programs by cutting the cake at noon. Since Pahela Phalgun and Valentine’s Day are on the same day, the school has organized various programs throughout the day. On the occasion of the foundation anniversary and World Valentine’s Day, a grand cultural program was organized in the school grounds from morning to evening. Also, the company has launched a buffet lunch offer of 45 items with gifts for all the visitors.

Violation of employment law in Taraganj, a young man working in multiple institutions!

Mominur Sarkar, Taraganj (Rangpur) Representative :

A young man from Taraganj Upazila of Rangpur is enjoying the benefits of working in two organizations at the same time. It has been alleged that the young man is enjoying the benefits by misusing the power of his elder brother. Based on the complaint, it was found that Shipul Islam, son of Md. Mohabbat Hossain of Menanagar village of Ikarchali union of the upazila, is working in two organizations at the same time. He joined Menanagar Matialpara Islamic Foundation School in Ikarchali Union of Upazila after being appointed as a teacher of Islamic Foundation a few years ago. Currently he is working in the said school. While working there, Shipul Islam was appointed as a multipurpose health volunteer in the health department of the upazila. He is currently working as a Multipurpose Health Volunteer (MHV) at Matialpara Community Clinic. On inquiry, it is also known that Shipul Islam’s elder brother is the Taraganj upazila representative of one of the country’s leading newspapers. Along with that he himself lived in Rangpur city as Rangpur correspondent in a reputed newspaper. There have been several allegations that Shipul used his and his elder brother’s journalistic power to get hired and continue to work in those two institutions. On condition of anonymity, some youths of Ikarchali Union said that there is no crime even if they work in two or four organizations at the same time to become journalists. And we do not get opportunity to work in any organization even after passing honors and masters. If Shipul did not work in multiple organizations simultaneously, employment would have been created for another unemployed youth in one organization. But he is enjoying the opportunity of employment of two people alone under the influence of his elder brother. We are drawing the attention of the higher authorities of the upazila so that one person cannot avail the benefits of more than one institution. Islamic Foundation Taraganj branch field supervisor Md. Ekramul Haque said, our policy does not clearly state that one person can work in more than one organization or not. Moreover, Shipul Islam was not associated with any other organization when he was appointed to our organization. We do not know if he got any other job after getting the job here. Meanwhile, upazila health and family planning officer Dr. Neel Ratan Dev said, whether MHV workers are working in more than one organization or not, any MHV worker is working in more than one such organization has asked me for information from Dhaka. I am collecting information and making lists.

Md. Mominur Rahman Sarkar

Taraganj, Rangpur.


Date: 14/02/23

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