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The country's largest power plant is going to be unveiled in Gaibandha, Sundarganj. - dailypressjournal

The country’s largest power plant is going to be unveiled in Gaibandha, Sundarganj.

  • Update Time : Tuesday, January 3, 2023
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The country’s largest power plant is going to be unveiled in Gaibandha, Sundarganj.

(Daily generation 200 MW)

Md.Asadul Islam,Gaibandha:

The way of life in the economically backward North. For a long time, the light of hope of the people of the northern region has been dimmed. Towns ravaged by drought, floods and poverty. Fed up with electricity load-shedding and low-voltage. this

Solar power production of Beximco Company Limited is going to spread the light of hope as a breakthrough to overcome the great suffering.

Where the grazing land used to be submerged in monsoon water. Sand was blowing in the summer sun. It looks like just a blanket of white sand. The size of this sand dune changed every year due to floods. Most of the time this pasture was lying fallow. To light a lamp of hope in that grassland was as unrealistic as a dream. Beximco made that unreal reality

Company Limited. In that pasture is opening the door of possibility to spread the light of hope in the darkness. 200 are going to be inaugurated every day

The country’s largest solar power plant capable of generating megawatts of electricity. Uninterrupted power supply including meeting the power shortage in the northern region

Char of Khorda and Latshala of Tarapur Union of Sundarganj Upazila of Gaibandha

The project named “Tista Solar Power Limited” funded by Beximco Company Limited has been completed in the village. In the project

Power generation has started. From November 30, the electricity generated by this project is being supplied experimentally to Rangpur grid substation. By supplying electricity from Rangpur grid substation, business, trade, industry and agriculture will be developed in this region. As development speeds up

Locals hope that the quality of life will also increase. According to sources related to the project, the land purchase work started in 2016.

By Beximco Company. The largest village in the country has been built on 650 acres of land in Latshala and Charkhorda Char villages of Sundarganj upazila.

Solar power plant. 85 mounting piles have been installed in the solar power plant. 5 lakh 20 has been placed on top of this in a special manner

Thousands of solar panels. 200 MW electricity will be generated per day from these solar panels through 16 inverters and 16 inverters

Electricity will go to the national grid daily through the station. Two box transmissions are installed. 120 KVA transmission has been constructed.

DC power will be converted into AC power through 16 inverter stations. A transformer is installed in the solar panel. Teesta Solar

Ltd. all the technical works have been completed. A 34 km transmission line has been laid through 122 towers to Rangpur substation to connect the electricity generated from Teesta solar power plant to the national grid. A total of 18 billion rupees have been spent

An official said. Through this transmission line from last November 30

Electricity produced by Teesta solar power station is experimentally Rangpur Sub

Connecting to the national grid through stations. First, the electricity needs of Rangpur, Gaibandha and Lalmonirhat districts will be met.

Currently 90 to 140 MW of electricity is being produced due to bad weather. When the project is launched, 7/8 hundred people will be employed. In the meantime, development has overshadowed the lives of the locals.

An official of the project said that all the activities of producing 200 megawatts of electricity per day have been technically completed. Due to the weather

At present, the power generation is decreasing. If the weather is good, more than 200 MW of electricity will be produced. He also said that the high level committee of Bangladesh Power Development Board visited Teesta Solar Power Plant. InshaAllah officially this January

will be inaugurated.

In this regard, on the mobile phone with the senior general manager of Rangpur Pallividyut Samiti-1 headquarters, engineer Harendra Nath Barman.

When contacted, he said that the electricity generated by Teesta solar power is being experimentally connected to the national grid. For now: Adding 90 MW to 140 MW. It is more or less due to the weather. Teesta Solar Power Authority is trying to generate 200 MW of electricity.

The official also said that 8 districts of Rangpur division need 900 megawatts of electricity. The addition of 200 MW of Teesta solar power will meet the needs of about 8 lakh customers. However, the number of customers may be less and more on the power consumption. He also said daily from Teesta solar power

200 MW power generation is a milestone for the northern region. This is 200 MW

There will be no frequent load shedding and low-voltage when the power is connected. Vidyut Rangpur

will be connected to the national grid. If the project is launched, economic development of the northern region will be achieved along with meeting the shortage of electricity

Md: Asadul Islam 

Gaibandha correspandent.

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