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Illegal Balu Mahal in Ulipur of Kurigram is again of the Magistrate Attack.  Two trucks full of sand and two motorcycles were detained. - dailypressjournal

Illegal Balu Mahal in Ulipur of Kurigram is again of the Magistrate Attack.  Two trucks full of sand and two motorcycles were detained.

  • Update Time : Thursday, November 24, 2022
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Illegal Balu Mahal in Ulipur of Kurigram is again of the Magistrate
Attack.  Two trucks full of sand and two motorcycles were detained.
Saifur Rahman Shamim, Kurigram :
The Assistant Commissioner (Land) and the Executive Magistrate have again attacked the illegal sand taken from the river in Hatyar village area of ​​Brahmaputra bank of Ulipur Upazila of Kurigram.  Meanwhile, two trucks full of sand and two motorcycles were seized from the scene. It is known that some people including Maidul, Zia, Babu formed a syndicate of illegal sand mining in Hatiar village on the banks of Brahmaputra in Ulipur upazila of Kurigram district.
A huge uproar started in the area over the illegal sand mining syndicate’s reckless sale of sand.  Even when the matter came to the notice of the law enforcement agencies, they used to boast that they did not care about these things. When investigating about the illegal sand extraction, the syndicate members were claiming that these sands are being used by the contractor employed here in the bank protection work of the Water Development Board in another contractor’s side of Mogul Basa area under Gunababur Sadar Upazila.  Not only that, local shopkeepers, bystanders and stone quarries were also demanding the same as they were taught.
In such a situation, Assistant Commissioner (Land) and Executive Magistrate Kazi Mahmudur Rahman, SI Mamun of Ulipur police station along with the police force raided the Ghat area at around 11:00 pm on Monday.
Sensing the presence of the magistrate and the police, Maidul and Zia, members of the illegal sand trading syndicate, left their motorcycles at the spot and ran away. At that time, the driver of a sand-laden tractor also ran away from the tractor.  However, the police managed to arrest the driver and helper of a hydraulic truck.
From 11 pm to about 1 am, the Magistrate waited at the spot but did not find any representative of Gun Babu, the contractor company of the Water Development Board, present at the side.  As the members of the illegal sand trading syndicate fled, they too could not be apprehended. In this regard, the Assistant Commissioner (Land) and the Magistrate immediately tried to contact Nazrul Islam, Sectional Officer of the Water Development Board, but could not find him.
In such a situation, two motorcycles, 1 tractor and 1 hydraulic track were seized and brought to Ulipur police station and kept in police custody. Eyewitnesses said that several pits used for illegal sand mining were destroyed during the operation. It is alleged that a syndicate using the Water Development Board as a shield with the help of some engineers and employees working in the Water Development Board has been illegally taking sand from the river for a long time and selling it outside the district and outside the district without any problems overnight. It should be noted that recently the authorities stopped the illegal sale of sand from Pal Ghat, an illegal Balu Mahal nearby.
Assistant Commissioner and Executive Magistrate Kazi Mahmudur Rahman confirmed the operation and said that they left everything for the criminals and covered their heads.  He also warned that illegal activities will be stopped at any cost.
Free seed-fertilizer distribution in Sundarganj.

Md. Asadul Islam, Gaibandha Representative:
Gaibandhar Sundarganj last Wednesday free under the agricultural incentive program
Distribution of seeds and fertilizers has been inaugurated. In the current rabi season in the financial year 2022-23
Vegetables, wheat, corn, mustard, almonds, sunflower, onion, lentil, mung bean and soybean
Free seeds and among small and marginal farmers to increase cultivation and production
Agriculture Office at Farmers Training Center on the occasion of the inauguration of distribution of chemical fertilizers. A short discussion meeting was held on the occasion. The upazila executive addressed the meeting
Officer Mohammad-al-Maruf, Upazila Agriculture Officer, Agriculturist Rashidul Kabir
Sundarganj Press Club president Mosharraf Hossain Bulu. Free fertilizer seeds later
The distribution was inaugurated. According to Upazila Agriculture Office, vegetables in the current season
1 thousand 500, wheat 1 thousand 450, corn 830, mustard 3 thousand 300, almond 75,
A total of 7 thousand including sunflower 160, onion 40, lentil 50, mung bean 50 and soybean 20.
475 farmers will be distributed one bigha of seeds and fertilizers.
Md. Asadul Islam

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