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Central Jubo League executive member Humayun Sultan Shadab at Trinamool Awami League house. - dailypressjournal

Central Jubo League executive member Humayun Sultan Shadab at Trinamool Awami League house.

  • Update Time : Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Central Jubo League executive member Humayun Sultan Shadab at Trinamool Awami League house.

Md Tahidul Islam Manirampur upazila representative :

Executive member of Central Jubo League in Manirampur, member of Jessore District Awami League, elder son of former Member of Parliament Khan Tipu Sultan Humayun Sultan Shadab, activist of Bangabandhu’s ideals at the grass root level, visited the houses of the workers in various unions of Manirampur upazila to find out about the neglected workers of the boat of honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s ideals. There is no news of Humayun Sultan Shadab, they are neglected, abused workers. They have been accused of assault cases by leaders from Kari Jamaat BNP who have just joined Awami League. Many complained that no one knows who they are, how they are doing, no one even called to find out how they are, many broke down in tears and said that those who voted for the boat in 2014, they do not belong in Awami League. The leaders of the city no longer come to the village, the development of the country, schools, colleges, mosques, temples, roads are all places. Not only Trinamool Awami League lovers, boat workers did not develop. Because we made the boat in 2014. Humayun Sultan Shadab, the executive member of the central Jubo League, said that on the instructions of the honorable Prime Minister, People’s Leader Sheikh Hasina, I am going to the houses of the grassroot level leaders and workers in the villages and making inquiries. Like my father used to take former Member of Parliament Ed. Khan Tipu Sultan. From now on, if you have any problems, call me and I will take care of you. Leaders and activists at the Trinamool level after listening to Humayun Sultan Shadab, told many that Manirampur Trinamool Awami League workers will wake up again. We are with you father, you go ahead inshallah benefit will come. Again, Manirampur Awami League will be evaluated by you. You are the only person who came home to check on us today. Humayun Sultan Shadab said honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, national leader of the nation, is the leader of the people, she is not only the leader of the country, she is the eldest daughter of the father of the nation, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. My father Khan Tipu Sultan was Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s role model, father of the nation. During independence, Jessore was one of the organizers of freedom fighters. I am working to find and encourage you in every village by keeping their wishes in my chest. Shake off your disappointment, let’s strengthen the hands of leader Sheikh Hasina again. We have to wake up again, highlight the development of Honorable Prime Minister People’s Leader Sheikh Hasina from house to house. I want to strengthen the hands of People’s Leader Sheikh Hasina with everyone at the grassroots level.

Horrible road accident in Manirampur! 5 people including father and son were killed.

Suman Chakraborty, Manirampur:

5 people were killed in a terrible road accident in Jessore’s Manirampur.  The accident took place at Begaritla area of ​​Jessore-Manirampur road of the upazila at around 7:30 am on Friday.  The deceased are Habibur Rahman (40) of Tuniaghara village near Begaritla market, his school-going son Taoshi (7), Samchur Rahman (70) of the same village, Tauhidul Islam (28) and Ziaur Rahman (35) of Jaipur village.

During the funeral, the covered van lost control and broke some shops on the roadside and rammed into Abu Taleb’s hotel, killing them on the spot.  Immediately after the incident, the driver and the driver’s assistant fled the covered van.  At that time the locals came running and rescued the body from under the car and got angry and stopped the traffic by barricading the road.  Later, the police of Manirampur police station reached the spot and removed the barricade and normalized the traffic.

Locals said that Habibur’s house is behind the market.  At around 7:30 in the morning, Habibur went to the street with his son.  The covered van came and hit both of them first.  After that, the covered van broke a few roadside shops and hit the people sitting at Nurul Amin’s tea shop and came to the hotel and got stuck.  Then everyone ran and pulled out the bodies of Samchur Touhidul and Ziaur from under the covered van.

Locals blocked the road after the accident.Shahidul Islam said that Samchur, Touhidul and Ziaur among the victims were sitting on the bed of Nurul Amin’s shop after having breakfast.  At that time, the covered van came and pushed them and pushed them into the hotel.  The car driver and assistant fled.  This scene is not seen.  We could not find the body and take information about the driver.

Bhojgati Union Parishad (UP) Chairman Abdur Razzak said that the covered van took the lives of 5 people.  6 to 8 shops were damaged by the van and at least 20 lakh rupees were lost.  We want the driver to be punished.

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