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Awami League government education friendly government. MP Nasir at Ma and Sudhi rally. - dailypressjournal

Awami League government education friendly government. MP Nasir at Ma and Sudhi rally.

  • Update Time : Saturday, March 11, 2023
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Awami League government education friendly government. MP Nasir at Ma and Sudhi rally.

A. zalal, Staff Reporter:-

Educated mother is a beautiful flower, every house is a school, Mother and Sudhi assembly 2023 was held in the organization of Kulbaria BKS Secondary School No. 10 of Shankarpur Union of Jhikargacha Upazila of Jessore. Under the chairmanship of Shankarpur Union Parishad Chairman Babu Gobind Chandra Chatterjee, Head Teacher Md. Ershad Ali/journalist Abu Saeed, the Ma Osudhi assembly program of the institution started with formality through the recitation of the Holy Quran and Gita recitation and flower garlands. “The hand that swings the cradle, the hand that rules the kingdom” “All the great creations in the world are eternally benevolent, half of them are made by women and half by men” in order to keep these slogans of women’s awakening in mind. Maa and Sudhi assembly was held at Kulbaria BKS Secondary School premises during the hour. The chief guest at the event was Jessore 86/2 Jhikargacha Chougacha Constituency Honorable Member of Parliament Bir Mukti Jodha Major General (Retd.) Professor Dr. Md Nasiruddin. He said that Awami League is the only government that is education-friendly. As a result of which Bangladesh is at the peak of development under the leadership of Deshratna Sheikh Hasina. Especially the Honorable Prime Minister of the Awami League government Sheikh Hasina can provide security to the life and property of the common people. Kulbaria Shankarpur BK Hafizia Madrasa President Professor Dr. Golam Farooq, Upazila Awami League Former Organizing Secretary Dr. Mostafizur Rahman Musa, Upazila Awami League Former Sports Affairs Secretary Nasimul Habib Shipar, Jessore District Awami Jubo League Vice President Azahar Ali, Upazila Awami Jubo League Joint Secretary were present as special guests. Convener Selimul Haque Salam, Upazila Vice Chairman Salim Reza, Jhikargachar Hero Muktijudda Liakat Ali, Shankarpur Union Awami League Organizing Secretary Md. A. Rahim Pashari, Jessore District Volunteer League Leader Kamrul Islam, 1st Ward Awami League General Secretary Md. Khalilur Rahman, Tamanna Akhtar Noora, Also the leaders of upazila Awami League, Shankarpur Union Awami and its organ organizations. Also, journalist Sudhijan, social A large number of people including political, personal, teachers, students, employees, parents, chairman of various union councils were present. Finally, the closing speech of the president and the discussion through lunch The termination is announced.

sender, A. zalil

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