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A son in a luxury building with his wife , living with old father on rooftop chicken farm. - dailypressjournal

A son in a luxury building with his wife , living with old father on rooftop chicken farm.

  • Update Time : Tuesday, November 22, 2022
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A son in a luxury building with his wife , living with old father on rooftop chicken farm.

Riyad Bhuiyan, Laksam (Comilla) Representative:

Son Samchul Haque, expatriate and businessman, lives with his wife Saida Akhter on the second and third floor (du-plex) of the four-storied building ‘Haq Manzil’. They have left behind their sick old father, who is mentally challenged, and lives here in a small tin house with a chicken farm on the roof of the building. There is a broken tin house, a bed of mats and some bottles of water below, with the stench of dirt and the smell of winter nights and mosquito bites in this old woman’s food in the chicken farm. Yakub Ali (80), a resident of Paschimgaon Puran Bazar area in Ward No. 6 of Comilla Laksam Municipality, is somehow surviving with such a humane life, wrapped in torn clothes. At the end of his life, he wanted to shout out the pains in his chest, but his voice was stopped due to age. He is only looking at the scene of suffering, even if the children do not see it, the local people can understand it. The father who once raised his son on his lap, now neglects himself. The child grows up and sleeps with his wife on a bed made in the old building, but the old father has to live in a single tin house on the roof of the building with a chicken farm. Where there are no mosquito nets or beds. On Sunday, November 20 afternoon, such a scene was seen on the ground. Laksam upazila executive officer Mahfuza Matin, local ward councilor and journalist came to the spot after receiving the news that day. According to local sources, the old Yakub Ali (80) lived with his wife and 2 sons and 5 daughters in his house in Changao village of Upazila Kandirpar Union. After the death of his wife in 2006, Yakub Ali fell ill. Eldest son expatriate Samchul Haque built a multi-storied building named ‘Haq Manzil’ in 2007 in Paschimgaon Puran Bazar area of ​​Laksam Municipality in a 7th century property. Son Samchhul Haque lives with his wife and children on the third floor of the building. Keeping his old father in a tin house on the roof of a four-storey building. Old Yakub Ali is lying naked on one side of the house and on the other side of the chicken farm. Around the bed of the chaat there is a stench and droppings from the broiler chickens. Daughter-in-law Shahida Akhter of the old man said that father-in-law has been sick for a long time. Ever since his father-in-law’s brain problems appeared, he has been on constant medication and care. In response to the question that for how many days he was kept on the roof, he said that the father was kept for several months. Before that he lived in our room. Apart from that, he cannot be kept in the house, because of the problem in his head, he turns everything upside down. Samshul Haque, the eldest son of the old father, pleaded on the phone not to publish the news. My father has problems with his head; Don’t dress properly. There was no way to take him to the doctor, he could not give any good answer about leaving his father out of the house in such a careless manner. But he assured that he will take care of his father from now on. Mohammad Abu Syed Bachchu, Ward No. 6 Councilor of Laksham Municipality said, I personally used to see that old lady often in the area. I haven’t seen you in the past few months. It is very sad to live on the roof of your own house even though you have children. Confirming the truth of the incident, Laksam Upazila Nirbahi Officer Mahfuza Matin said, time has been given to bring the old father from here to their home. Legal action will be taken against them if they fail to comply. B: It is better if you print the picture by placing the picture in one corner.

Md. Kamruzzaman Bhuiyan Riyadh

Laksam Comilla


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