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4th death anniversary of Beerpratik Taraman Bibi. - dailypressjournal

4th death anniversary of Beerpratik Taraman Bibi.

  • Update Time : Saturday, December 3, 2022
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4th death anniversary of Beerpratik Taraman Bibi.

 Saifur Rahman Shamim, Kurigram : 01.12.2022

The 4th death anniversary of veteran freedom fighter birpratik Taraman Bibi is being celebrated.  He died on 1 December 2018 at his home in Rajivpur Upazila of Kurigram.

 On the occasion of the death anniversary, a milad and doa mahfil with Koran Khatam were organized on Thursday at the house of Kacharipara village of Rajivpur upazila, Bad Esha family and Guchch Para village of Araji Palashbari area of ​​Bad Ashar Kurigram. Taraman Bibi was the third of seven children born to late Abdus Sobhan of Shankar Madhavpur village in Kodalkati union of Rajibpur upazila.  He did not get the opportunity to study.  He used to work in other people’s houses.  During the 1971 war of independence, 14-year-old Taraman used to cook in the camp of freedom fighters.  Learn to use weapons while cooking.  Then he took part in the front battle with the freedom fighters alongside the cook. He was given the title of Virpratik for his outstanding contribution in the liberation war, but he did not know about it for 25 years.  Bimal Kanti Dey, Professor of Bengali Department of Anand Mohan College, Mymensingh, tracked him down with the help of local freedom fighter Solaiman Ali and Assistant Professor Abdus Sabur Farooqui of Rajibpur College.  After that, at the end of 1995, he was officially awarded the medal of the title of Virpratik.  Taraman Bibi is one of only two women to receive the title of Veerpratik.

Taraman Bibi was born in 1957 in Shankar Madhavpur village of Char Rajibpur upazila of Kurigram.  In 1971, Taraman BB was in Sector No. 11.  Sector 11 was headed by Sector Commander Abu Taher.  A freedom fighter named Muhib Habildar encouraged Taraman Bibi to participate in the liberation war.  who was in charge of a camp near the village of Taramon.  He brought Taraman to the camp to cook.  At that time Taraman was only 13 or 14 years old.  Later, after knowing Taraman’s courage and strength, Muhib Habildar taught him how to wield weapons.  Then one day while having lunch, Taraman and his comrades came to know that a gunboat of Pak army was coming towards them.  Taraman joined the battle with his comrades and they were able to defeat the enemy.  After that, Taraman participated in many frontal battles with male freedom fighters.  For this reason in 1973 the Bangladesh government awarded him the title of Bir Prateek.

Abu Taher, son of Bir Prateek Taraman Bibi, said that my mother Taraman Bibi is one of only two women who have been awarded the title of Bir Prateek.  On the occasion of the death anniversary of this freedom fighter from the battlefield of 71, the upazila administration arranged a grave pilgrimage.  Besides, I organized Baad Esha Qur’an Khatam, Doa and Milad Mahfil at my family home in Rajivpur on my own initiative.  Also, Ashar Doa and Milad Mahfil were organized at the house of Araji Palashbari area of ​​Kurigram. In this regard, the former freedom fighter commander of Rajivpur, Abdul Hai Sarkar, said that the current upazila executive officer (UNO) is in charge of the commander.  On his initiative, the grave of hero Taraman Bibi was visited with wreaths.

Housewife’s throat slit body found in Kurigram, husband absconding.

 Saifur Rahman Shamim, Kurigram :

 The police recovered the throat slit body of a housewife named Shahera Begum (35) from her house in Paschim Palashbari village of Belgacha Union of Kurigram Sadar Upazila.  The deceased Shahera Begum is the daughter of deceased Abdus Chatter of Palashbari Paschim Para village of Belgacha Union of Upazila.  Since this incident, the deceased’s husband Mokhleshur Rahman is absconding.

 Family members including the victim’s mother claim that Shahera’s husband killed her by slitting her throat and locked the house and fled due to a family dispute.

 After evening on Wednesday (November 30), the victim’s son Shamim returned home after work and found the house locked.  After breaking the lock and seeing his mother strangled on the bed, the neighbors came running and screamed.  Later, the locals informed the police and the police came and recovered the body.

 According to the locals, there was a family dispute with the deceased Shahera Begum and her husband Mokhleshur Rahman for a long time.  Because of this, they believe that he killed his wife and ran away.

 Shahera Begum’s son Shamim said, I go out for work in the morning.  After work, I returned home in the evening and found the house locked.  Later, after breaking the lock of the house and entering the house, the neighbors rushed to see the body of the mother with her throat slit.

 Fatema Begum, the mother of the deceased Shahera Begum, said that my son-in-law had killed his daughter and escaped.  I was out all day.  After hearing the news, I saw the dead body of the girl.  I want justice for my daughter’s murder.

 Kurigram Superintendent of Police Al Asad Md. Mahfuzul Islam said, I visited the scene myself after receiving the news.  It is believed that the murder happened due to a family dispute.  Investigation is ongoing.  Whoever is involved in this incident will be brought under the law soon.

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