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Central Jubo League leader Humayun Sultan gave unknown information about the Liberation War on the occasion of Jessore's Liberation Day. - dailypressjournal

Central Jubo League leader Humayun Sultan gave unknown information about the Liberation War on the occasion of Jessore’s Liberation Day.

  • Update Time : Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Central Jubo League leader Humayun Sultan gave unknown information about the Liberation War on the occasion of Jessore’s Liberation Day.

Md Tahidul Islam Manirampur upazila representative :

Jessore district was liberated for the first time in the Great Liberation War on 6th December 1971. Pakistani invading forces brutally killed the people of Bangladesh and set fire to their homes. The mother tortures the sisters inhumanely, there are only bullets around The sound of cries. In the middle of the night, Bengali women were picked up, raped and killed. After the historic speech of the father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on 7th March, freedom fighters were created in the homes of Bengal. Finally, the Pakistani invading forces had to flee from Bangladesh. Jessore district was freed from the first invaders of Bangladesh today 6th December. So this day is celebrated as Jessore Freedom Day. Central member of Jubo League and leader of Jessore district Awami League Humayun Sultan Shadab said, “My father Khan Tipu Sultan was one of the organizers of the liberation war of greater Jessore region. On the instructions of the father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, he started collecting freedom fighters and encouraged and inspired the brave fighters to take part in the liberation war at the risk of their own lives. Before the declaration of independence on the instructions of Bangabandhu, my father Khan Tipu Sultan saluted and saluted the well-armed soldiers of freedom on 23rd March 1971. accepted and celebrated Bangladesh Day instead of Pakistan Day at Jessore Collectorate Maidan. Therefore, I would like to ask as a young generation citizen to those who debate about the declaration of independence in vain to be politically relevant, then why did Bangabandhu order his workers to celebrate Bangladesh Day three days before March 26? Why his organizational leaders asked to collect freedom fighters? The days of trying to mislead the new generation with false or partial history are over. Then my father Khan Tipu Sultan went to India after Bangabandhu’s official declaration of independence and imprisonment on March 25th, consulted with the President, Prime Minister, national leaders of the then Mujibnagar government and provided training and weapons to the freedom fighters of Jessore-Khulna region and the Prime Minister of Mujibnagar government called him “Student Political” in the liberation war. Liaison Officer” post appointed. As the civilian commander of Mukti Bahini, Khan Tipu Sultan not only led the war under the command of the 8th Sector Commander but also led from the front in many fierce battles. As a result, Jessore district was freed from invaders for the first time. But still he didn’t stop, when he got the news that the liberation army was fighting with the invaders towards Khulna, then my father along with the brave warriors of Jessore increased the force of the freedom fighters in Khulna and we won. After the Mujibnagar government entered independent Bangladesh on December 11, 1971 town hall. A public meeting of Jessore District Awami League was organized in the Maidan by my father Khan Tipu Sultan, President of Greater Jessore District Chhatra League and Chhatra Sangram Parishad and conducted that public meeting. The President of Mujibnagar Government Syed Nazrul Islam, Prime Minister Bangtaz Tajuddin Ahmed, members of the Council of Ministers and national leaders informed the whole world from the public meeting in Jessore on December 11th that Bangladesh is now independent. As a result, the international pressure on the Pakistan government to surrender became stronger and stronger and after only five days they were forced to surrender on 16th December. I believe that the participation, self-sacrifice, sacrifice and bravery of the brave warriors of Jessore in the freedom of this country and in the great freedom struggle have not only made the people of Jessore proud, but also given courage and inspiration to speed up the victory of the liberation war of the whole country. In Jessore Manirampur No. 14 Durdbanga Union and Manirampur Sarad No. 6 Union, on the occasion of Jessore Freedom Day, he held a day-long discussion and mass communication. He is conducting house-to-house inquiries at Trinamool level leaders and workers. On the instructions of the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Trinamool Awami League workers and voters went to their houses. He asked for prayers for the Honorable Prime Minister, People’s Leader Sheikh Hasina, and in view of the upcoming National Assembly elections, he once again called on grassroots leaders and workers to work together shoulder to shoulder. Humayun Sultan said that you are the staunch workers of Awami League at the Trinamool level, you have to wake up to shake off the disappointment and strengthen Sheikh Hasina’s hand again. Honorable Prime Minister Jannetri is working day and night for the sake of the people. I request you to unite again and campaign for the boat. Honorable Prime Minister has not developed any place in the country. Schools, colleges, mosques, temples, roads, including elderly allowance, disabled allowance, maternity allowance, free books, etc. They are giving free rice seeds and fertilizers in the agricultural sector. Let us once again strengthen the hands of honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. I am a member of the Awami League family, a former member of parliament, one of the organizers of the Liberation War of Greater Jessore region, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh. Wishes of Mujibur Rahman Khan comes to you as the successor and son of Tipu Sultan. The way you passed your beloved leader, you will pass me in the same way, inshallah. Convener of Manirampur Upazila Secchasevak League Aurobindu Hazra, Joint Convener Shahidul Islam, Joint Convenor Salim Reza, Sechsevak League leader Raihan, former member of Chaluahati Union Amjed Hossain, Ah Adut, Khanpur UP member Sanjay, Bikash Kundu, Dollar, Shamim Hossain, including Awami League, Jubo League, Chhatra League, Krishak League, Sramik League, Tati League, etc. Leaders of Awami League organ organizations.

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