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Widespread irregularities and corruption against the Bhitarband UP Chairman of Kurigram. - dailypressjournal

Widespread irregularities and corruption against the Bhitarband UP Chairman of Kurigram.

  • Update Time : Tuesday, December 20, 2022
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Widespread irregularities and corruption against the Bhitarband UP Chairman of Kurigram.

 Two separate projects work on the same road Allegation of money embezzlement.

 Saifur Rahman Shamim, Kurigram :

 Tughlaki business is going on in Bhitarband union of Nageshwari upazila of Kurigram.  Implementation of Kabita (cash for work) road rehabilitation project with laborers under Employment Program for the Very Poor (40 days job creation soil work).  The theft of this pond took place during the renovation work of the road from Banyarvita Waheed police house of the 8th ward of this union to Bhutamari.  Chairman Shafiul Alam and Panel Chairman Aminul Islam have completed all preparations for the loss of Tk 3 lakh 28 thousand from here in the name of fake project. In this project of Kabita, it can be seen that all the workers are working on the 40-day job creation schedule.  The workers will get wages under the scheme.  But this is shown to be the work of Kabita.  An uproar has started over the showing of two separate projects for the renovation of one road.  Bhitarband UP Chairman Shafiul Alam Shafi has been accused of rampant corruption, abuse of power, muscle power, misappropriation of VGF and VGD assets.  Sensational information of VGF’s importation of rice in the name of the deceased was found.  Earlier, polling was organized on the instructions of Nageshwari upazila administration in view of complaints of lack of confidence by UP members.  12 other UP members along with the chairman voted.  The no-confidence motion was passed by a vote of 11-2 after the votes were counted.  Nageshwari Upazila Fisheries Officer Shahadat Hossain announced the result.  About 3 months ago, a letter was sent to the Ministry of Local Government to take necessary action regarding the motion of no confidence passed by the Deputy Commissioner through a letter, but no action has been taken so far due to unknown reasons.

 The workers working in this project, Mojibur Rahman, Nur Hossain, Manik, Abed Ali and Kanchan said, we all got the job as workers of the job creation project by giving the chairman 500 rupees.  I heard that this earth cutting will return to the road or will it be the work of Kabita.  So many days of robbery. Shafiul Alam Shafi, chairman of Bhitarband Union No. 9 of Nageshwari Upazila, has alleged abuse of power and illegal corruption.  In the new 40-day Karma creation program, your brothers, relatives, wealthy people have been listed.  In Ward No. 1 brother Rafiqul Islam (owner of 7/8 bigha land and own deep tubewell) card no. 1779, brother wife Khodeja Begum card no. 1793, niece Rujina Khatun card no. –, cousin Fakrul Islam (employee) card no. 1796  , besides Atnia Fatema Begum Card No. 1805, Sharifa Begum Card No. 1802, Ibrahim Ali Card No. 1783, Manik Mia Card No. 1782 and Akkach Ali Card No. 1785.  Similarly UP members are involved in irregularities.  Female member of reserved seat Fatema Begum has listed her husband Ghulam Rasul in her Card No. 1815, Ward No. 6 member Ferdous Ali has listed her wife Nurnahar Begum.  Card No. 1974 of Nurnahar Begum.  The chairman is continuing to lash out with some UP members in the social security program given by the government.  The victimless people are repeatedly complaining to the higher authorities testifying in the inquiry the complaint is being proved before the inquiry committee.  But the end

 Abdur Rahman, Maidul, Mokhed Ali and Abdul Ghafoor, the poor people of this project area, in a written complaint to the Deputy Commissioner, said that Chairman Shafiul Alam excluded them from the list of 40-day employment creation work by resorting to irregularities and corruption.  As a result, they are living an inhumane life without getting work.  On the other hand, in this work, one’s own family, relatives and well-to-do people have been listed.  Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Saidul Arif promised to take legal action after receiving the complaint. Aminul Islam, the project chairman of the Kabita project of this road, said that the work of the Kabita has not yet started.  However, earthwork is being done on that road as part of the 40-day job creation work.  When asked how two types of projects work at the same location, he declined to comment. Fatema Begum, a member of reserved women’s seat No. 1, said, Card holder No. 1815 is my husband.  I have registered as a worker for the poor. Ward No. 6 member Ferdous Ali admitted that his wife Nurnahar Begum is a worker with card No. 1974.  The name was given to pay the salary of a local mosque imam. Shafiul Alam, chairman of Vitarband Union Parishad, said that workers have been appointed for the 40-day job creation project following all the rules.  The second phase is now underway.  Each worker will get Rs 400 per day.  Allegation of extortion from workers is not correct.  Besides, other allegations of irregularities and corruption are completely false and fabricated.  A party has been conspiring for a long time to remove me from the post of chairman.  Failed and complained again.  The real truth will come out only after investigation.  Those above 60 years of age are not eligible to be listed as workers.  Due to this the complainants could not be listed.  Those who are called my relatives are all poor.

Kurigram Local Government Department Deputy Director Minhajul Islam (Deputy Secretary) admitted to receiving written complaints of irregularities and corruption and said that Nageshwari Upazila Executive Officer and PIO (Project Implementation Officer) have been instructed to investigate the matter and take legal action on Sunday. Besides, the report of no-confidence motion brought by UP members against Shafiul Alam, chairman of Vitarband Union Parishad, is in the process of decision in the Ministry of Local Government in Dhaka. It may be noted that earlier, 11 UP members brought a no-confidence motion in written complaint.  Its notable complaint is that chairman Shafiul Alam killed two thousand poor people on the list during Eid without giving them VGF rice.  Allotment of rice of VGF in the name of the deceased, issuance of multiple cards in the name of the same person and in the same family.  Allotment of VGF in the name of person with condition.  Misappropriation of tax money, granting of hut leases outside the rules, changing the name of the union without gazette.  Running business with 2 rooms of Union Parishad occupied by son.  Accommodation of illegal tax collectors in sitting rooms of UP members.

Establishment of 5 Little Free Libraries for the citizens of remote Char of Kurigram district.

Saifur Rahman Shamim, Kurigram :

‘Little Free Library’ is an innovative initiative of Kurigram District Police.  In order to increase the desire of citizens and students to read books in remote areas of Kurigram, in the first phase, Little Free Libraries will be set up at 5 points in Kurigram district under the jurisdiction of Dhushmara police station and in remote areas of Mohanganj, Chilmari Ramna Ghat, Jatrapur Char Ghat of Kurigram Sadar and Namaz Char of Ulipur.  is  There, respectable citizens of Char area will be able to read the book and take it home by entering the book, the management will be ensured by the concerned tea shopkeeper.

 Superintendent of Police Al Asad Md. Mahfuzul Islam said, “Free Little Library” will play a helpful role in our continuous police activities as well as this effort to promote sustainable security, tolerant peace and stability in the society.  We want the respectable citizens of remote Char of Kurigram to sit in the tea shop and not just talk about stories but read books to know about the epic liberation war, unparalleled leadership and future-oriented development efforts and activities. In the Little Free Library, initially Bangabandhu’s unfinished autobiography, Bangabandhu in the heart, history, society, including the seven heroes,  Life-oriented and future-oriented books have been placed, which will increase in popularity in the future.  Although ‘Little Free Libraries’ will start with 5 in the initial phase, the ‘Little Free Libraries’ will be set up gradually in the small areas of Kurigram where libraries and books are limited. 

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