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In Gurdaspur, mother is the big class! - dailypressjournal

In Gurdaspur, mother is the big class!

  • Update Time : Saturday, September 2, 2023
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Md Sohag Arefin Gurdaspur Natore.

A student of the group who victimized women in Gurdaspur in Natore became pregnant 10 months ago. Jahidul Khank (50), who is accused of having bad relations with neighbors, is believed to be the MLA from Karagarh constituency.

On Saturday (September 2), a baby boy will be born at Gurdaspur Health Complex by caesarean around 12 noon.

Gynecological doctor Nargis Tanzima Ferdous and health director of health complex. Mohidul Islam said that the school pass is a tension force to save small foster mothers and newborns. Which was ultimately a successful operation. There is mother and newborn energy.

It may be noted that the family of the child’s parents left due to local strife. Later father and mother married elsewhere. The child lives with his grandmother.

The state used to bring a poor Zahidul farm child to school in his van. After 5 months, the child’s body changes subject to what answer does the child give.

But after the examination, the family comes to know about the presence of children. A local anasonography is then performed to interpret the clonal abscess. Later the child told the family.

On June 18, the child’s grandmother Halima Khatun asked a question in Gurdaspur as plaintiff.

After the last Faridpur commission of August 26 week 5 Alfadaga told Zahid Kha of Helencha area for a long time. Speakt Zahidul is the son of Digham Kalu Khar of South Naribari village of Gurdaspur political Dharabarisha section.

Like the child, long ago Zahidul to caress him. To provide food environment at different times. Often his van takes him to and from school.

Bathing and changing the child to go to school. As there was no one there, the rapist Zahidul took the opportunity to grab her from behind and twist the towel. He told the time to kill the child to inform. The child did not dare to speak.

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