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Watermelon farmers of Khulna's Dakop are spending busy time in early watermelon cultivation. - dailypressjournal

Watermelon farmers of Khulna’s Dakop are spending busy time in early watermelon cultivation.

  • Update Time : Sunday, January 22, 2023
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Watermelon farmers of Khulna’s Dakop are spending busy time in early watermelon cultivation.

Md. Shamim Hossain –

Khulna Watermelon farmers of Khulna’s Dakop are spending busy time for early watermelon cultivation. Compared to previous years, watermelon farmers have started cultivation a little earlier this year. Basically, this advance preparation of the farmers is in view of the month of Ramadan. It is known that Dakop-Bajua is one step ahead in watermelon cultivation compared to the rest of the country. Watermelon is currently considered as the main cash crop here. The golden dream of the people of Dakop is realized through watermelon cultivation. Around the area, men and women, rich and poor are all directly and indirectly involved in watermelon cultivation. Watermelon farmer Supad Roy of Bajua said that watermelon cultivation is somewhat dependent on nature and difficult, but it is a profitable crop for a limited time. So the farmers here started watermelon cultivation by adapting to all the physical and financial hardships. Bajua UP Chairman Manas Kumar Roy said farmers here also face some hurdles while selling watermelons. At present, the local administration and the union council are working to solve all the obstacles of watermelon farmers. Watermelon production in Dakop can bring more success if the necessary cooperation from the government is ensured. Dakop Upazila Agriculture Officer Mehdi Hasan said that at present Dakop farmers have survived watermelon as the main cash crop. Men and women, little boys and girls do not sit here, all work in the fields to produce watermelons during watermelon cultivation. As a result of everyone’s tireless efforts, the farmers here are able to produce a large amount of watermelon. We all the officials of the agriculture office are always with the farmers to solve all the problems and give them all the facilities by going to the field along with training them on various issues to advance the production of watermelon. A daughter of Dakop, a member of the central committee of Bangladesh Awami League and a member of parliament from the reserved women’s seat, is a beacon of hope for the people of Dakop. Ad Gloria Jharna Sarkar MP said, “I am a girl from this area, I grew up in the mud soil of Loudob Union of Dakop. I understand the suffering of the people here, that’s why I grow watermelons.” So that the farmers can get a fair price by selling in different areas of the country, we have opened the Laudob Ferries by explaining to the leader that today the farmers of Dakop will be able to take their agricultural products including watermelon, rice and various agricultural products to different parts of the country easily. So I am my leader Bangladesh Prime Minister Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina is working day and night with the dream of making villages into cities, the development of all villages today is a real reflection of that. I thank my leader on behalf of the residents of the area.

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