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Various complaints against UP member Baniul including land grabbing. - dailypressjournal

Various complaints against UP member Baniul including land grabbing.

  • Update Time : Wednesday, January 11, 2023
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Various complaints against UP member Baniul including land grabbing.

Khulna District Representative:

Md. Baniul Islam, a member of Ward No. 2 of Bagali Union No. 2 of Koyra Upazila, Khulna District, has been accused of unfair injustice, misdeeds and fraudulent documents, depriving the local people of land and causing economic loss by filing various harassing financial cases.

The clash took place in support of UP member Baniul over the election of the local mosque’s management committee.  Golam Mostafa, the father of the injured in Koira police station, filed a case against Baniul along with the complaint that one Mehedi Hasan was seriously injured and 2 teeth were broken in the clash.  Case No. GR 180/22.

Rajab Ali Sardar, a local victim, said that he got 2 acres of land in 6 spots of Khatian No. 1 in Narayanpur Mauza, whose deed no.  A false harassment case was filed against 60 innocent people in the village for harassing and harassing the said 1.09 century land in the Khulna Sub Judge IV Court with Civil No. 130/21. Later the case was filed in the ADC Court. With the approval of ADC Mr. Surveyor Rakib.  Saheb by notice to both parties and in the presence of the administration demarcated the boundary and made the pillars.  Despite this, the member Baniul Islam is harassing the local poor people financially by filing various financial cases.

The victim GM Nuruzzaman Bachchu said that in his father’s Narayanpur Mauza, a total of 7 acres and 35 cents of land was recorded in Khatian No. CS 3 and 2 acres and 45 cents each in Khatian No. 13, 17, 36 separately in SA 3 Khatians.  Before 1979 my father and mother along with 3 other brothers bought 1 acre 51 century land from record land in SA 36 Khatian.  Later, Baniul Islam gave the land to his father from the same owner, even after the owner of that SA record no longer had the land, in 1984, he created some fake documents by pretending to be a donor to those owners. The document no. 8711.  Moreover, on 2/2/1983, Baniul created a fake deed of 56th century land and claimed ownership by force on 2/2/1983. In addition to this, in the said 36 Khatian, my father and mother along with Shafiul and Rabiul, two elder brothers of Baniul, registered a deed of 24th century land with the registry.  Of which Document No. 1070.  In place of the said 24th century land, the 40th century land has been harassed by various types of financial cases and economic harassment.

The victim Nuruzzaman Bachchu also said that Sarup Gazi i.e. my grandfather bought 1 acre of 32 century land in 1959 deed No. 16 acres in CS8 Khatian of Chatkatola Mauza and Babulla Sana bought 1 acre 65 century land in deed No. 1648, 2 deed 2  Sarup Gazi and Babulla Sana bought 97 acres of land.  In 1946, he was killed by an assassin.  His only son Iman Ali Gazi was 3 months old at that time. As there was no material idea of   his land, Sarup Gazi was mistakenly recorded in the name of the donor in SA 94.  Bhramatvak filed a case against 94 Khatian, Civil No. 127/95.  My father got order dated 3/9/2000 and decree dated 10/9/2000 in the said case.  Defendant No. 2 Khaleda Begum purchased the 27th century land in Deed No. 2559 on 26/07/2003 by accepting the said decree.  In another document, Khaleda Begum bought land in the 16th century.  Khaleda Begum bought 1 acre of 32nd century decree and 44th century land in 2 documents.  While I was occupying the land in 88th century by paying taxes for more than 25 years, Ah Khalek Ghazi and Azizul Haq Ghazi with the help of that Banyul harassed me financially and harassed me with various tricks and false cases to dispossess me from the land. And by this Khalek Ghazi  Case No. CR 456/20 has been filed against me as defendant No. 1, but I did not know anything about that case.

According to the said document, Baniul Islam A. Khalek Ghazi was made plaintiff and his 3 brothers along with Baniul Islam were defendants and filed a case in the court of Senior Assistant Judge, Case No. Civil 27/2002.  Case No. 432/2021 is ongoing in the Court of Senior Assistant Judge of Koira regarding the said property.  In that case, Baniul Islam is the defendant No. 70 to 79 and Babulla Sana Wareshgan is the defendant No. 152 – 176.

Also some other khatians including CS 8,SA 1/1,1/1/1,1/4 khatians in Chatkatla Mauza are conspiring with various cases and attacks to harass me in my peaceful enjoyment occupation.  Kamrul Hasan signed 3 non-judicial stamps of Rs.  Later, Baniul filed a false case with Jahura Khatun by placing a sum of 700,000 lakhs on the blank stump.  Which case no-428/22.

In this regard, UP member Baniul was spoken to over the phone and he said that the allegations made against him are completely false and fabricated.  A civil court case is going on regarding the issues.

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