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Two Persons Arrested With Burmese Knife and 30 Pieces of Yaba in Sariakandi. - dailypressjournal

Two Persons Arrested With Burmese Knife and 30 Pieces of Yaba in Sariakandi.

  • Update Time : Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Two Persons Arrested With Burmese Knife and 30 Pieces of Yaba in Sariakandi.

R.A Rashed, Sariakandi (Bogura) Correspondent:

Sariakandi police arrested two persons with sharp Burmese knife and 30 pieces of yaba in Sariakandi, Bogura. According to Sariakandi Police Station, On November 25, 2022 (Friday), a raid was conducted in Sariakandi Police Station area from Fakirpara of Narchi Union and a sharp Burmese knife was recovered from Baijid Hossain (28) son of Meherul Islam of Majhbari village of Fulbari Union and Maksudul Alam (30) son of Habibur Rahman from Kakra village of Gabtali Police Station. Including Yaba tablets.  (Retd) Gholam Rasul Sangeet Force arrested.Sariakandi police station officer-in-charge (OC) Rajesh Kumar Chakraborty told the media that cases were filed against the accused separately under the Arms Act and the Narcotics Act and handed over to the learned court.

Case Against 17 People of BNP in Sariakandi Cocktail Explosion Incident.

R.A Rashed, Sariakandi (Bogura) representative:

In connection with the cocktail explosion in Sariakandi, Bogura, a case has been filed against three advocates in responsible positions of upazila and municipal BNP, and 17 BNP leaders and workers, including the current UP chairman. Sources of Sariakandi police station told the media that through secret information, it is known that the 1st executive member of Sariakandi Upazila BNP, Alhaj Kazi Rafiqul Islam, is planning to sabotage the Katakhali Government Primary School ground of Katakhali village under Sariakandi police station in IndoneStaying with the explosive cocktail.Based on the information, when the officer force of Sariakandi police station reached the spot at 8.40 pm, the BNP members, on sensing the presence of the police, detonated the cocktail to injure the police. When the police tried to arrest the accused, the accused formed an illegal mob and obstructed government work and beat and injured ASI (retd) Kamrul Hossain and Abdus Samad. At that time, when more officer force arrived at the spot and tried to disperse, the accused dispersed and ran away. Two unexploded cocktails, parts of the exploded cocktail, sandals, bamboo sticks were seized from the spot. After dispersing, the accused escaped again that night by exploding a cocktail on the road in front of the mosque at the junction of three roads of Sahapara village under Sariakandi police station. Later, the police arrived there and seized the parts of the exploded cocktail and an unexploded cocktail. Upazila BNP President Adv. Noor-A-Azam Babu Main Accused, Add. Accused No. 8 Zakiul Alam Sohel, current member of Sariakandi Sadar Union and President of Saryakandi Union BNP Ripon Mahmud Bitan, Accused No. 9, Adv. Shariful Islam Hira is the accused No. 13 and the current chairman of Kajla Union SM Rafiqul Islam is the accused No. 15 and a total of 17 accused have been filed against many others who have not been named.
In this regard, Sariakandi police station officer-in-charge (OC) Rajesh Kumar Chakraborty said that the operation to arrest the accused involved in the incident is continuing. Upazila BNP president Adv. Noore Azam Babu said, this is a baseless and false case. In order to implement the government’s agenda, the case has been made in the name of the BNP activists by the police, so that we cannot attend the Rajshahi divisional assembly and the Dhaka central assembly on December 3 and 10 respectively. Moreover, at the mentioned time, I and two of my colleagues were in the program of Bogra Bar Association.

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