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Trying to manage school irregularities by giving money to corrupt journalists. - dailypressjournal

Trying to manage school irregularities by giving money to corrupt journalists.

  • Update Time : Thursday, January 12, 2023
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Trying to manage school irregularities by giving money to corrupt journalists.

Staff Reporter, Jessore :

Md. Ibrahim Khalil, the head teacher of Jessore’s Manirampur Rajganj Jhampa Uttarpara Secondary School announced the election schedule of the managing committee. Going to the ground, it is known that the head teacher Md. Ibrahim Khalil could not attend the school even at 11.10. He got a call from the media worker and entered the school at 11.36. And unwilling to sign the registration book at that time. When asked to see the attendance book of the school teachers, he refused to show it. When I asked the head teacher Md. Ibrahim Khalil why he was late to the school, he said, I have informed my clerk Mithu. When the clerk asked Mithu about this incident, he denied it, and later agreed. He admitted that he took Tk 20,000 from Acting President Ashikur Rahman and made him a donor member of the institution. However, the head teacher could not show any bank check or account of this money. When Abdur Rashid, the founder of the school and the headmaster of Uttarpara Government Primary School, was asked, he said with tears in his eyes, “I am the founder of the institution. Currently, the school is covered in irregularities and corruption.” The headmaster announced the election schedule on 5th January in a strange way, and the headmaster in the school did not give proper lessons to the students in the regular school. 17 lakh rupees for the recruitment of assistant teachers in the school. In 2019, he hired a computer operator in the school, with a huge amount of money, but when this incident spread around, the president and headmaster of the school faced criticism from the local people and dismissed him from the institution. The founder also said that where did the millions of money for the recruitment went, but those millions of money were not used for any purpose of the organization. They said that both of them embezzled the money themselves. When asked about the assistant teachers of the school, Aktaruzzaman and Abdur Sattar, they said, in our school. What the headmaster says is baseless and fabricated but he always comes late to the school and does not teach the students regularly. However, if the school continues like this, the future of the students of the institution is uncertain. Parents and donor members of the school and the local community have strongly demanded an investigation to the higher authorities regarding this incident. At that time, the headmaster called the journalists to a place behind a curtain inside the office room and demanded them not to reveal their faces and information with money. But the journalists then also informed that in front of the local people.

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