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Three hundred beehives in a school in Narayanpur, Kurigram.  - dailypressjournal

Three hundred beehives in a school in Narayanpur, Kurigram. 

  • Update Time : Saturday, December 31, 2022
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Three hundred beehives in a school in Narayanpur, Kurigram.                         

Saifur Rahman Shamim, Kurigram :

Chauddaghari Government Primary School is located in Narayanpur Union of Nageshwari Upazila of Kurigram.  Numerous bee hives are hanging on the branches of trees around the building including the cornice around the building, the sunshade of the window, the additional part of the balcony.  60 small beehives are sitting in different parts of the two-storey building of the school. Locals and school officials said that every day bees chase some people and sting them.  Because of this, everyone is in fear. Not only in the school, but also in several houses of the village, there are more than one chak.  In total, there are more than six hundred beehives in the area.

 Locals said that there is extensive cultivation of mustard in that area of ​​Charanchal.  Bees come here every year in November to collect honey from this mustard.  As there is no forest around, they put chalk on this school and nearby trees.  However, compared to other years, the number of bees is much higher this year. Abdur Rahman, a fifth grade student of the school, said, “Innumerable bees are always flying.”  These bees often sting.  Students stopped coming to school out of fear.  I am also afraid to come to school.

 Sohel Rana, peon of the school, said, “Every day I open the classroom and close the windows and doors of the office.  Beehives have also set up the balcony and offices of the school.  Sometimes they tried to chase it away with smoke, but no result was found.

 Head teacher Mintu Chandra Sen said that every year from November to February the bee infestation has to be endured.  This time the number of hives is much higher.  Three to three hundred and fifty beehives are sitting on the school building and surrounding trees.

 Local UP member Habibur Rahman said that the number of bee stings has also increased due to more mustard cultivation this time.  Not just in school;  Chalk is sitting in many houses around.  Even my house has six wheels.  Altogether there are 500-600 chak in the area. He said, even if the locals collect honey from these chak, the amount of loss is high.  Students are suffering.  He assured to compensate the loss of education of the students by talking to the concerned parties.

 Biplab Kumar Mohant, Deputy Director of the District Agriculture Extension Department, said that due to the increase in mustard cultivation, bees are coming to the area.  Chucking  Honey is being collected from those wheels.  It is a positive aspect that contributes to the local economy.

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