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The indomitable Naim Sheikh is the pride of Dighlia and Khulna. - dailypressjournal

The indomitable Naim Sheikh is the pride of Dighlia and Khulna.

  • Update Time : Tuesday, March 7, 2023
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The indomitable Naim Sheikh is the pride of Dighlia and Khulna.
Md. Shamim Hossain – Khulna –
A house made of bamboo, when it rains, water falls from the rice, he has to work as a mason’s helper to support the household expenses, no financial solvency, yet Naim Sheikh, a boy of Brakshmagati village of Dighlia upazila in Khulna, did not give up. This young sprinter has done the work of advancing himself despite the family’s financial crisis. The indomitable Naim became the fastest man in the recently concluded Sheikh Kamal 2nd Bangladesh Youth Games. The youngster won gold in the boys’ 100m sprint at the Army Stadium in Banani on March 4 with a time of 10.80 seconds. After becoming the fastest man in the 100m sprint at the Youth Games, Naim said that his elder brother Md. Imran Hossain’s family of six brothers and sisters runs on a small income from the mobile flea load shop. For almost 12 years, the father has not been with them. So all expenses are borne by his elder brother. Sometimes I want to quit sports. Training requires eating enough food, but I don’t get that food. I am a student, I do sports along with my studies, but I can’t afford to spend on sports, so I help masons and earn Tk 450 per day. If you work two/three days a week there, you earn 5/6 thousand taka a month. This money is used for any expenses. When I was in school (Fatema Memorial Secondary School) I first got into athletics with the encouragement of the school teacher, Talukdar Takdir Hussain. After walking 3/4 kilometers from home, I came to Dighlia YMA field and today I was able to play at this level under the training of Khan Olyar and Murad Hossain, former athletes of Dighlia village. Excited about the results of their training, the sprinter said, I am thankful to everyone including the coach for bringing me to this stage. My goal this year is to do well in the senior meet, represent the country if given an opportunity and bring medals for the country by participating in the Saaf Games. I want to serve in any army to make my training easy and remove financial problem. Meanwhile Sheikh Kamal 2nd Bangladesh Youth Games fastest man Naeem Sheikh was felicitated yesterday evening at the office of Dighlia Press Club on behalf of Dighlia Press Club.
In recognition, 12 students of Khoobi Biology School received the Dean’s Award.
Md. Shamim Hossain –
Khulna Dean’s Award presentation to meritorious students of 7 disciplines of Biology School of Khulna University and farewell ceremony of former deans was held today 06th March (Monday) at 1 pm in Acharya Jagdishchandra Bose Academic Bhawan Dean’s Conference Room of Biology School. As the chief guest, the University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Mahmud Hossain. He said that any development is thought by one, one starts, another implements. This is essentially how progress is achieved. The initiative to give the Dean’s Award to the School of Biology of Khulna University was taken 4-5 years ago, but it is now being implemented. This is promising. He suggested organizing the Dean’s Award function on a larger scale in future, so that all the students of this school could attend and be inspired by it. He also said that the current administration has introduced scholarships at Masters, MPhil and PhD levels to make the university students focus on research. We are seeing a positive result of this. He expressed hope that the deans of the university are in the academic leadership of their respective schools and with their guidance and cooperation each school will move forward in the path of success in education and research. The program was presided over by Professor Dr. Dean of the School of Biology. Abul Kalam Azad. In the event, the former Dean of the School of Biology, respectively – Professor Dr. AK Fazlul Haque, Professor Dr. Md. Raihan Ali and Professor Khan Gholam Quddus were presented with mementos. School professor Dr. spoke on behalf of the former deans. Md. Raihan Ali and Professor Khan Gholam Quddus. Sajib Roy of the academic year 2019-20 and Md. Naeem Haque The program was conducted by Professor Dr. Agrotechnology discipline teacher. Md. Yamin Kabir The students who received Dean’s Award in the academic year 2019-2020 are – Mosa of Forestry and Wood Technology discipline. Sanjita Nahar (obtained CGPA 3.77), MoSA in Fisheries and Marine Resource Technology Discipline. Anika Khatun (obtained CGPA 3.89), Rahagir Salekin of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Discipline (obtained CGPA 3.94), Sadia Akhtar of Agrotechnology Discipline (obtained CGPA 3.95), Sajeev Roy of Environmental Science Discipline (obtained CGPA 3.86), Mosa of Pharmacy Discipline. Rehena Akhter (obtained CGPA 3.81) and Shobha Akhter (obtained CGPA 3.88) of Soil Water and Environment discipline. The students who received the Dean’s Award in the academic year 2020-2021 are – Jaya Biswas of Fisheries and Marine Resource Technology discipline (obtained CGPA 3.94), Md. of Agrotechnology discipline. Naeem Haque (obtained CGPA 3.91), Sultana Jahan of Environmental Science Discipline (obtained CGPA 3.83), Shahnaz Parveen of Pharmacy Discipline (obtained CGPA 3.83) and Umm Naeema Afroz of Soil Water and Environment Discipline (obtained CGPA 3.78). . Deans of various schools, heads of disciplines, teachers and awardee students were present on the occasion.

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