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Daipukuria, a model development union under the leadership of Alomgir Reza, won the hearts of the people by providing the highest level of service - dailypressjournal

Daipukuria, a model development union under the leadership of Alomgir Reza, won the hearts of the people by providing the highest level of service

  • Update Time : Saturday, September 2, 2023
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Sarwar Jahan Farhad, Chapainawabganj Representative:

Daipukuria has become a model union parishad for development in Chapainawabganj by providing more services in continuation of the current government’s development. UP Chairman and Union Awami League President Md. Alomgir Reza has been able to win the hearts of the people by providing maximum service. Union residents have expressed satisfaction with the benefits of development.

The Chairman of the Union Parishad with proper leadership and efficiency. Since Alomgir Reza was elected, the wind of change in the council has started blowing. The current Daipukuria Union Parishad has now become a refuge for the union people. Under the leadership of the chairman, all the elected members of the union are working together against drug, teenage gang suppression and child marriage.

Also, the elected members are calling the union people to the union council every moment to provide all the facilities of the government. They are distributing old age allowance, widow allowance and government facilities to the people under the leadership of the chairman.

Locals say, now they are living very happily and peacefully. This was possible only with the will of the UP Chairman. Because we no longer have to be harassed in providing various government facilities. Elderly disabled widow allowance card does not have to be made with money We had a mirror of political revenge earlier, peace has returned to the troubled township of Daipukuria union, this has been possible since Alamgir Reza was elected as chairman.

In this regard, UP Chairman Alomgir Reza said, after I was elected, hundreds of thousands of old age allowance, widow allowance, disability allowance cards have been given. Also, several kilometers of roads have been constructed in various areas of the union. which is still ongoing. I have a separate gold mosque business in Panama and distribute half of the income from it among the people of my union. The general people of the area know the way I am working against drugs in my union. Even the people of the union are helping me in various ways. So I also want to live by serving the union residents.

Member of Parliament of Chapainawabganj-1 (Shibganj) Constituency Dr. Shamil Uddin Ahmed Shimul said, Daipukuria is one of the two unions that have developed the most in Shibganj after I was elected. This is possible because of the Chairman of Union Parishad Alomgir Reza. His efficient leadership and mindset to work for the welfare of the people is contributing to the massive development of the union.

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