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State Minister Swapan Bhattacharya's exchange of views with Awami League leaders and activists in Jessore, Rajganj. - dailypressjournal

State Minister Swapan Bhattacharya’s exchange of views with Awami League leaders and activists in Jessore, Rajganj.

  • Update Time : Sunday, January 29, 2023
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State Minister Swapan Bhattacharya’s exchange of views with Awami League leaders and activists in Jessore, Rajganj.

Abdullah Al Mamun Jessore district representative :

State Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives Ministry and Member of Parliament for Jessore-5 (Manirampur) Swapan Bhattacharya exchanged views with various levels of local Awami League leaders and activists at Rajganj Bazaar of Manirampur Upazila of Jessore. Dr. Ahad Ali Khan of Rajganj Bazar exchanged views in front of the Awami League office under construction at Gol Chatwar. The meeting was presided over by retired teacher Md. Akbar Hossain, Acting President of the local Jhapa Union Awami League. Manirampur Upazila Awami League President and Mayor Alhaj Kazi Mahmudul Hasan, Awami League leader Ed. Bashir Khan, Rajganj Degree College Principal and Rajganj Secondary School Board President Md. Abdul Latif, Senior Awami League Leader Sardar Alauddin, Shariful Islam Chakladar, etc. After that, State Minister Swapan Bhattacharya visited all government development works in Rajganj area. Meanwhile, State Minister Swapan Bhattacharya MP said in a speech – for the sake of development, good governance and security, the Trinamool leaders and activists must work together to win Nauka Pratik in the next election and he urged people to convey the development of leader Sheikh Hasina to the people.

Human chain of Islamic student movement in Jessore demanding cancellation of controversial curriculum.

Abdullah Al Mamun Jessore district representative :

The human chain program of the Islamic Regime Students Movement was held in Jessore. Students were not given new books but weapons to destroy the next generation. President of Islami Chhatra Andolan Bangladesh Jessore District Branch Muhammad Abdul Awal said that this curriculum should not be allowed to be taught in Bangladesh to protect the future generation. A human chain was organized under the joint management of Islami Chhatra Andolan Bangladesh, Jessore Sadar Police Station and City Branch as part of the central program in the Jessore Press Club premises, demanding the reform of Shikshakarma’23, cancellation of the controversial curriculum and investigation and punishment of those involved in the formulation of the curriculum. In the speech of the chief guest, district president Muhammad Abdul Awal said that teachers are the conscience of the nation. But when the conscience of the nation resorts to plagiarism in formulating the curriculum, it is a shame for the nation. Radical changes have been made in the education syllabus with a deep conspiracy to destroy the identity of the future generation and to transform the future generation into an amoral nation. The country’s anti-religious secular education system has been rejected with hatred by students, parents, intellectuals and people of all walks of life. He also said that the blueprint for systematic destruction of education syllabus is being drawn. One of the tenets of Islam in textbooks is misleading the people by projecting fictional stories against the screen, and conspiring to make our ancestors into apes through Darwinism. Those involved in canceling the controversial syllabus and framing the syllabus should be investigated and punished otherwise conscious students will be forced to take to the streets. Under the chairmanship of police station president Muhammad Rezwan Ahmad, organizing secretary of Islami Chhatra Andolan Bangladesh Jessore district branch Muhammad Imran Hussain, president of city branch Muhammad Azizur Rahman, vice president Muhammad Rafiqul Haque Rifat, general secretary Muhammad Arif Billah, deputy of Sadar police station branch were also present in the human chain. President Muhammad Hasibur Rahman, General Secretary Muhammad Shakeel Ahmed, Organizing Secretary Muhammad Abu Saeed etc.

A garment trader named Mozaffar in Jessore Manirampur has been missing for the last 4 days.

Md. Tahidul Islam Manirampur Upazila Representative :

Garment trader Mosharraf Hossain (42) of Manirampur town of Jessore has been missing for 4 days. Due to his disappearance, there is extreme anxiety in the business circles along with his family. Deceased: Mosharraf Hossain, son of Zainal Moral, of Kamalpur village in the city. He is the owner of Urmi Garments in Manirampur Bazar. Last January 25 at around 9 pm, he closed the business and left for home, but he did not go home. The day after the disappearance, the wife Khadija Khatun filed a general diary at the Manirampur police station. whose number is 1332. Rumors are rife that Musharraf Hossain himself has been assassinated, or that he has been abducted. Such questions have arisen among many in the business community including his relatives. Since Musharraf’s disappearance, the family is in extreme fear. According to the information, among the garment traders, there was a long dispute with the missing Mosharraf Hossain, Yar Ali, the owner of Mabia Garments, and Zafar, the owner of Zafar Garments. As a result, many people in the business community are in fear of Musharraf’s mysterious father’s disappearance. Khadija Begum, the wife of the missing Musharraf, said, “There is no dispute with us except for the disturbance related to business establishments in the market.” The two children of the missing person said that the father does nothing but business. He comes to the shop in the morning and goes home at night. But for the last four days, Abbu did not return home. Someone might have taken our father away. I strongly demand the government to return the father. Rabiul Islam, the owner of MR Cloth Tailors, the organizing secretary of Bazaar Textile Traders Association, said that after the meeting of the association regarding the disappearance of Mosharraf Hossain, if everyone went to the police station, the officer in charge assured that Mozaffar would be found soon. Municipal Commissioner Babul Akhter said Musharraf was a good person. He did not get involved in any trouble with anyone. But for several days his business was under the eye of some influential people. That may lead to kidnapping. However, I have heard that he has not been found since the arbitration meeting of the municipal council. I request the administration to quickly find him and bring the real criminals under the law. Sheikh Moniruzzaman, OC of Manirampur police station, said that businessman Mosharraf Hossain’s family has filed a general diary at the police station. Apart from Thana Police, PBI and DB Police are trying hard to rescue him.

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