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Shanta Islam has been selected as the first runner-up of "Banglar Gayen" season 02 organized by RTV. - dailypressjournal

Shanta Islam has been selected as the first runner-up of “Banglar Gayen” season 02 organized by RTV.

  • Update Time : Thursday, December 22, 2022
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Shanta Islam has been selected as the first runner-up of “Banglar Gayen” season 02 organized by RTV.

Entertainment Reporter:-

Shanta Islam is a student of Jagannath University. Shanta, a 2020-21 session student of the university’s music department, has grown up with music since childhood. This student has won the best singing award in various national level competitions. She was selected as the 1st runner-up of the 2nd season of the reality show ‘Banglar Gayen’ broadcast by the private satellite television channel RTV.

It is known that she had a strong interest in music since her childhood Father also had a dream that Shanta would be a big artist one day. Shanta started learning music from her tutor at the age of 4 before joining the school. In 2009, this artist participated in the first song competition by singing in Khude Bengali.

 Later in 2011, Shanta participated in a song contest on India’s ‘Rupsi Bangla’ channel Where he was single nominated from Bangladesh. After that, Shanta consistently participated in various competitions at the national levelEven after getting admission in Jagannath University, this student is intoxicating the campus with music. In any cultural program or occasion, Shanta creates a different kind of enthusiasm and atmosphere with the tone of her voice.

 University teachers, classmates and common students have become the center of discussion through music. On the other hand, he was initially nominated in RTV’s reality show Bengali Gayen based on the song sent by himself with the inspiration of classmates and well-wishers last August.

In this case, if two categories of songs are sent, both are nominated. Later, on September 13, 36 out of about 4,000 contestants were selected in the audition round. Shanta took place wherever. He is currently the first runner-up.

When asked about being selected as the first runner-up, Shanta said; This achievement belongs to all of you. First of all thank the creator. Then to all my family and my visitors and well wishers. I want to go far with everyone’s love and prayers.

Incidentally, this student of Jagannath University has received national awards 5 times including Shishu Award, Education Week Award.

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