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Shahidul-Shapla couple of Kurigram is spreading the light of education among underprivileged children. - dailypressjournal

Shahidul-Shapla couple of Kurigram is spreading the light of education among underprivileged children.

  • Update Time : Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Shahidul-Shapla couple of Kurigram is spreading the light of education among underprivileged children.

 Saifur Rahman Shamim, Kurigram:

 Around the river and in the middle of the char.  There is no school-college or madrassa.  As a result, children do not have access to primary education.  They have to work in the field at a young age.  You have to catch the state of the world.  Many are victims of child marriage.  This picture is from Char Damalgram Funder Char of Raiganj Union of Nageshwari Upazila of Kurigram. It is known that the people of this area who lost everything due to river erosion and flood are deprived of various civic facilities.  According to local information, 90% of the people here are illiterate due to lack of educational institutions.  Most of them are engaged in agriculture and daily labour.  Many go outside the district and run their families by selling their labour.  Even if there is a desire, children cannot afford to study in the city or outside.  If you want to educate your child, you have to go to the district or upazila town or cross the river to the neighboring village school.  On the one hand, one has to suffer as well as one has to suffer an accident while crossing the river by boat.  As a result, the dream of educating children with good education remains a nightmare. Shahidul Islam and Shapla Khatun couple have built Char Damalgram (Fanderchar) Primary Education Center on their own initiative to enlighten these underprivileged children and teenagers in the light of education.  For a year they have been spreading the light of education among hundreds of underprivileged children free of charge.  Children and teenagers are happy to get the opportunity of education.  Dreaming of enlightening the country by studying like 10 other people of the society. A student named Nazmul Islam (12) said that he used to work in the field.  He used to help the family by running the power tiller.  He never went to school.  Didn’t even know what vowels were.  Later Shahidul-Shapler no longer works in the field due to the opportunity to study at the educational center.  Now he is studying. Many other students including Ayesha Khatun (10) and Kakali Khatun (11) said that they had never been to school before.  There was no opportunity for education.  Earlier she used to help her mother in household chores.  They are busy with studies now.  He dreams of getting educated by learning education. Shahidul Islam, Director of Funderchar Primary Education Center, said that he has studied hard. The children of the area are being deprived of education – the matter haunts him.  After the marriage, when the wife was informed about the matter, she also agreed.  Later, we started activities with more than half a hundred children in a Maktab room with the thought of giving primary education to children. Shahidul Islam’s wife Shapla Khatun said, inspired by her husband’s bravery, the two are giving education to the neglected children of Char.  He also gained self-satisfaction.  He hopes that the children here will learn and become human beings.  The darkness of the grasslands will be removed. Nageshwari Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Farzana Jahan said, I came to know about this through you.  But they can be assisted by visiting the educational center.

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