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Chairman's Own Pond in Bhurungamari with Labor for 40 Days Program. - dailypressjournal

Chairman’s Own Pond in Bhurungamari with Labor for 40 Days Program.

  • Update Time : Thursday, March 9, 2023
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Chairman’s Own Pond in Bhurungamari with Labor for 40 Days Program.
Kurigram Correspondent:
Manik Uddin, chairman of Char Bhurungamari Union Parishad (UP) of Kurigram’s Bhurungamari Upazila, has been accused of digging his own pond by using workers of the 40-day job creation program.
When we went to the site last Sunday (March 04) at 12 noon, some local people who did not wish to be named said that Chairman Manik Uddin has been digging his own pond with laborers of 40 days program.
Talking to the workers about this, they said that we have worked in Chairman Pond for 5 days.  They also said that we have to work where the leader or member of the group says. Project president- UP member Abdul Aziz said that on Sunday, the workers worked on the road next to Dada Mor in my ward.  As far as I know, the chairman of the workers of this project has worked for a day in his own pond.
After reviewing and searching the list in view of various complaints, it can be seen that the younger brother of Mohammad Ali, father of Fulmamud Chairman, who is in the list, he lives in Dhaka, Akbar Ali, the father of Nehaj Ali, the Chairman’s Bhogni Pati, his current residence is in Dhaka, there are many other names in the list whose names have millions of government allocations.  Going into the pockets of different people.
It is also mentioned that although there are 244 names in the second stage list, less than 200 people are seen working at the field level.
The Upazila Project Implementation Officer (PIO) said that an investigation has been conducted after hearing the complaint of renovation of private ponds by laborers and some investigation work is left but the investigation work will be completed soon.
When UP Chairman Manik Uddin was asked about this, he said, “You came and saw it and hung up the phone.”  Later, when he called repeatedly to take his statement, he cut the call.
According to the PIO office, the second phase of the ‘Employment for the Very Poor’ program has started in the current financial year.  For this purpose, for taking the project of 40-day job creation program, the union needs to discuss with the people of all levels by calling a meeting to formulate a ward-based plan.  Digging of canals, construction of dams and roads, digging of drains or irrigation canals to remove waterlogging, various public welfare institutions and other projects that will benefit the people are supposed to work with the workers.  There is no opportunity to work outside this.

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