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Second phase of World Ijtema begins. - dailypressjournal

Second phase of World Ijtema begins.

  • Update Time : Sunday, January 22, 2023
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Second phase of World Ijtema begins.

Suman Khan :

The second phase of the World Ijtema has started yesterday Friday (January 20th) after Fajr, but like the first phase, the second phase also started a day earlier. Pakistan’s Maulana Harun Quraishi addressed the pilgrims at the end of Asr on Thursday. His speech was translated into Bengali by Maulana Monir bin Yusuf of Bangladesh. Devotees listen to the sermon in a solemn manner. Media coordinator of the second phase of Ijtema. Sayem said that already 4 thousand 600 foreign guests from 50 countries have come to the Ijtema Maidan. The largest number of pilgrims from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Palestine have taken up their positions at Maidan. Maulana Saad Kandhalbi’s three sons and son-in-law also came to the Maidan. Pilgrims have started arriving at the Ijtema Maidan since Wednesday night to participate in the second phase of Vishwa Ijtema. The worshipers of 64 districts of the country are busy in their worship by standing in the Khitas assigned to them. Directions have already been given as to which district the worshiper will stay in which khitta. The position of the worshipers in the Maidan is also divided into specific khitas (sections) zelawari. Khitta zimmadars are there to manage the khitta. In the second phase, about 10-12 thousand foreign guests from hundreds of countries will participate in the final prayer, said the top coaches of the organizing committee. Local and foreign Islamic thinkers and ulama are keeping various valuable directive statements about the six usuls namely iman, namaz, elem and dhikr, ekramul muslimeen, tasheehe niyyat, dawat and tabligh. The original text is being translated into different languages immediately. In addition, there are formalities like subject and profession-based discussions, formation of new congregations, registration of names in chilla and marriage without dowry in the second phase as well. Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Gazipur Metropolitan Police Molya Nazrul Islam said that some level of security measures will be taken in the Ijtema of the second phase as well. He said that 10,000 members of law and order forces have been deployed in the second phase as well. 11 policemen are engaged in the traffic department. Special operations are being conducted to prevent the violence of hawkers. Also, rooftop, watch tower, CCTV monitoring, dog squad and police and intelligence agencies are working in uniform and plain clothes. All kinds of measures have been taken by the administration to make the Ijtema a success. The police department has taken various measures to control the traffic to facilitate the safe movement of the worshipers and the smooth movement of vehicles in the Biswa Ijtema. The 57th edition of Vishwa Ijtema will conclude on Sunday (January 22nd) with the final prayer.

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