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Responding to the Prime Minister's call, the Ansar members of Sharsha created a record by cultivating vegetables in the fallow areas. - dailypressjournal

Responding to the Prime Minister’s call, the Ansar members of Sharsha created a record by cultivating vegetables in the fallow areas.

  • Update Time : Tuesday, February 28, 2023
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Responding to the Prime Minister’s call, the Ansar members of Sharsha created a record by cultivating vegetables in the fallow areas.

Md. Shafiqul Alam Nayan, Staff Reporter:-

Vegetables in fallow land left behind by honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Ansar members working in Sharsha Upazila of Jessore district have brought success in farming. Recently, the Prime Minister has gone viral on media and YouTube channels Vegetable cultivation scene in Sheikh Hasina’s bus building. One given in non-official channels In an interview he said, “Let not an inch of land be left fallow, left in fallow land He asked the citizens of the country to be encouraged to grow vegetables. Also said, “To increase food production through cultivation of agricultural products, in the country so that there is no shortage of food”. In the light of that directive, Bangladesh Ansar in various camps in Sharsha Upazila At the initiative of working Ansar members and Trinamool VDP members in the fallow land. They have brought success in vegetable cultivation. Sharsha upazila has 11 unions including headquarters VDP members’ house yards and adjoining fallows and sharshars Powergrid has created a beautiful vegetable garden in the office premises Members of Ansar forces are producing vegetables through Which on the one hand is like food Filling the deficiency, on the other hand, they can eat fresh vegetable food free of poison. Ansar member Shafikul working at the residence of the executive officer of Sharsha Upazila Islam, by creating a spectacular vegetable garden in front of their camp created a stir. In addition to regular duty, he is this vegetable in his spare time Grow a garden and use the produce in the camp. Also here Drishti Nandan made Machang with bamboo mats on the way vegetable garden Along with Shafiqul, other members of Ansar are also theirs He started growing vegetables in his spare time in the fallow area in front of his workplace. It is known that their market cost is also very affordable by this. These are small In the garden they gourd, corn, tomato, bitter gourd, brinjal, onion, radish, cabbage. They are also cultivating various types of vegetables. At the same time he made a flower garden, which It has enhanced the beauty of the area. Sharsha Upazila Ansar and VDP Officer (Acting) Abdullah Al Rasel said, according to the instructions of the honorable Prime Minister, I am Sharsha with the support of Jessore District Commandant of Bangladesh Ansar In each Ansar camp in the upazila and the team leaders of all unions and We took the initiative to grow vegetables in the courtyard of the party leaders’ houses. Nowadays many people are benefiting from this vegetable garden and it is common in the village People are inspired by them. The members of Ansar said about the cultivation of vegetables in Sharsha Upazal Executive Officer (UNO) Narayan Chandra Pal encouraged them in every way And they said that they cooperated.

He left everyone in the land of no return Akbar Sir of Sharsha Baganchra University.

A. zalil, Staff Reporter:-

Alhaj Akbar Ali Sir, the former renowned assistant teacher of Baganchra United Secondary School of Sharsha Upazila of Jessore, has gone to the country of no return due to old age. He was 80 years old at the time of his death. Baganchra Satmail passed away at his home on Sunday 26th February at 7:30 pm (Inna-Lillah —— Rajiun). His death has cast a shadow of mourning in the area. He was a renowned teacher in the area. Served with reputation for a long time. He has been involved in religious and social activities of the area since his retirement. He is survived by one son, 8 daughters, relatives and numerous relatives. His sons, daughters and sons-in-law are all established. Alhaj Akbar Ali sir has produced many talented students in his teaching career who are now working as senior officers along with teachers in various universities. He has created many good people in the area who are leading the society in the future. On Monday at 10:30 am, the deceased was laid to rest in the family cemetery after the first Janaza prayer at Baganchra United Secondary School grounds and the second Janaza prayer after Zohar at home.

sender, Azalil

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