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Raffle draw in the name of trade fair in Kurigram. Gambling: There is a business of looting the money of common people. - dailypressjournal

Raffle draw in the name of trade fair in Kurigram. Gambling: There is a business of looting the money of common people.

  • Update Time : Monday, February 20, 2023
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Raffle draw in the name of trade fair in Kurigram. Gambling: There is a business of looting the money of common people.
Saifur Rahman Shamim, Kurigram  : 18.02.2023
In Kurigram industry and trade fair, the gambling trade is going on in the name of raffle draw.  Boys of rising age and common people are greedily destitute in the clutches of gambling called lottery.  There is no gathering of local industries in the art and trade fair.  Gadbandha shoes, sandals, clothes, pickles, toys, smart and pocket cutting techniques.  Although there are various items for ticketing (12 events including magic, circus) in the fair including lottery, not a single revenue has been collected in the government treasury.  However, it has been alleged that the organization managing the fair is looting 5 to 6 lakh taka daily from the poverty-stricken Kurigram.  Kurigram Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Prince Event Management jointly committed these misdeeds under the nose of the administration.  Ignoring the government instructions, the fair is going on from morning till late night with the loud sound of the microphone.  Due to the lack of clean management, the road in front of the fair is jammed with vehicles.  As a result, traffic in Phulbari, Nageshwari and Bhurungamari upazilas is getting disrupted.
Following the application of the president of Kurigram Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the district administration granted permission to conduct this fair from February 1 to March 2 at the east end of Dharla Bridge.  Chambers of Commerce and Industry has given the responsibility of managing the fair to Prince Event Management Company under the contract of Tk 15 lakh per month.  Prince Event Management has violated most of the 30 conditions of the approval of the fair and looted crores of rupees from the fair.  Lottery is being conducted on the entry tickets to the fair in violation of condition No. 14.  Money is being snatched away from the lure of the lottery’s lucrative prize.  Every day lottery micing is done in cities and rural areas.  Every day in the fair, huge pandals and attractive prizes including prize motorcycles are displayed on the stage.  As a result, even if a visitor enters the fair alone due to greed, many people are buying tickets.
At the fair, Shahabuddin lamented that people are being fooled by hanging Bangabandhu’s picture and the honorable Prime Minister’s picture on both sides of the trade fair gate.  If seen from a distance, ordinary people will think it is any government event.  We are saddened to hang such pictures with this fair.  Habibur Rahman said I entered the fair alone but bought 4 tickets hoping for a prize.  Housewife Selina said, I came to visit the fair and I am throwing lottery tickets if I get anything.
At the entrance to the fair there are several tin boxes crowded with men and women.  Everyone writes the name, address and mobile number on the back of the ticket and puts the specified part in that box.  They say it’s a lottery ticket.  Came for fortune-telling and therefore cut the ticket and drop it in the box.
On the other hand, to enter the fair, stairs have been constructed at the eastern end of the Dharla Bridge with CC blocks on the roads and public roads.  Sub-Divisional Engineer of Roads and Highways Department Tanvirul Islam said that we have been informed about the use of CC blocks made by contractors.  At the end of the fair, the authorities of the fair informed that the road shield will be made.
Many have complained that the fair is going on for mysterious reasons by breaking the important conditions of the fair.  The circus is running without permission in violation of condition no. 9.  Violating condition no. 15, various shops have been built on the main road adjacent to the fair.  Violation of condition No. 16 has increased public suffering by keeping vehicles including motorcycles on both sides of the main road.  Violation of condition No. 27 Government guidelines for saving fuel and electricity have not been followed.
According to condition No. 28, the fair is supposed to end by 8 pm every day, but the fair continues till midnight.
According to the investigation, the house of the chairman of Prince Event Management, which manages the fair, is in Rangpur Guptapara.  But Prince Event Management, Rangpur Police Lines, Rangpur Address used his address everywhere in the fair to prove himself powerful to people.  This organization has 12 own games.  Among them, water boat and charak tickets are Rs. 50 per person and tickets for other 10 sports are Rs. 50 per person.  Friday and Saturday have double the number of visitors than other days.  On an average, 400 to 500 tickets are sold per day.  An average of 450 tickets of an item at the rate of 30 taka is 13500 taka, earning 1 lakh 35 thousand taka per day in 10.  In the remaining 2 items, the price of 450 tickets is 50 taka and the income is 45000 taka.  Daily income of 1 lakh 80 thousand taka in total 12 items.  This time on Friday and Saturday 2 days, the crowd is double.  Accordingly, if 1 lakh 80 thousand is doubled in 2 days, another 7 lakh 20 thousand taka.  As such, 5 days in a week is 1 lakh 80 thousand taka 9 lakh and including 2 days on Friday and Saturday the total weekly income is 16 lakh 20 thousand taka.  This income is 2 lakh 31 thousand taka per day on average.  On the other hand, 2/3 thousand taka per day from a total of 65 shops including ornaments, coats, various clothes for girls, food shops in the fair premises, which is an average of 1 lakh 62 thousand taka per day.  After that earn at least 10 thousand taka per day from 10 hawkers including selling balloons.  Motorcycle garage rental outside.  On the other hand, each person buys more than one in the hope of winning the entry ticket lottery and the income from the sale of 7000 tickets is 1 lakh 40 thousand.  Total daily income of 5 lakh 43 thousand taka.  As such, the monthly income is 1 crore 63 lakh taka.  From this, the establishment cost is 20 lakhs, only 10 lakhs and 50 thousand takas will be deducted for the daily expenses of 35 thousand takas for conducting the fair.  Chamber of Commerce and Industry will get 1.5 lakhs, 5 lakhs will be given to various individuals and organizations and the cost of the organization of the fair will be only 50 lakhs.  After deducting the expenses from the income, his income from the one-month fair will be around one hundred crore rupees.
Ariful Islam, the owner of the fair management company Prince Event Management, asked a counter question about the irregularities of the grape fair, where in the country everyone follows so many rules?  They are going like this and will continue like this.  What about you?  What the municipal mayor will see.
Officer-in-charge of Kurigram Sadar police station Khan Mohammad Shahriar said about the violation of conditions in the fair, now I know about the violation of the conditions of the fair.  Action will be taken by talking to the authorities.
District Anti-Corruption Committee President Samiul Haque Nantu said gambling destroys a moral right of people.  But the sad thing is that it is not true that there is a raffle draw or a gambling event being held in Kurigram.  Government has to pay tax on raffle draw.  Otherwise it should be turned off.  A social decadence.  The names of the tickets cannot be used in the fair premises.
The convener of the fair committee and the mayor of Kurigram Municipality Kajiul Islam said that the fair is being conducted beautifully.  Rules are being followed.  If there is a problem, come and talk face to face.
Abdul Aziz, president of Kurigram Chambers of Commerce and Industry, said that it is not possible to fully comply with all the conditions given in the management of the fair.  If all the conditions of the work are followed, the movement on the road will be difficult.  If the fair closes at 8 pm, there will be no fair and the government does not have to pay separate revenue for tickets.  I don’t see a problem with the lottery having an entry fee.  And 1000 rupees are deposited to the government daily through treasury challan.  Even then, if the people think there is a problem, the fair will be closed.
Kurigram Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Saidur Arif said that according to the policy, approval has been given for the trade fair.  If there is any irregularity or there is any loss of government revenue, we will check and if necessary, action will be taken as per law.  We will take steps to ensure that there is no harm to the public or the government or that the image is not tarnished.
Most of the medical equipment in Kurigram General Hospital is broken, the residents of the district are deprived of services.
Saifur Rahman Shamim, Kurigram…
The 250-bed Kurigram General Hospital is the only hope of the people of Kurigram for medical services.  But the hospital itself is ‘diseased’.  Although valuable medical equipment is bought with public money, most of the valuable equipment in the hospital is broken.  On the one hand, there is a shortage of specialist doctors and on the other hand, patients are being deprived of healthcare due to useless equipment.
According to the hospital authorities, this hospital has some essential medical equipments including Laparoscopy, Echo, ETT, Arthroscopy, Endoscopy, ECG, Digital X-ray machine.  But most of the devices are broken.  Even though the ETT machine is operational, it is not being used due to lack of equipment.  Even if the endoscopy machine is operational, the patients do not get its benefits due to the reluctance of the concerned doctor.
Several sources in the hospital claim that the doctors working in the hospital know how to use some devices but they are reluctant to use them as additional responsibilities.  But in private chambers or clinics, they are doing the diagnosis with the same device.  However, the hospital authorities claim that the patients are being deprived of the services of these devices due to lack of manpower and defects.
It has been found that the government gave laparoscopy machine (removal of gall bladder and stomach stones without cutting the abdomen) in Kurigram General Hospital about a decade ago.  But after 2013 patients did not get any benefit from this device.  Due to the lack of specialist doctors, the device is lying in a corner of the hospital’s operation theatre.  No other hospital in Kurigram has this device.  As a result, the patient of the district has to go to distant Rangpur for abdominal surgery.
Although the hospital has an echo machine, the patients are not getting its benefits for more than six months due to mechanical problems.  As a result, heart disease patients need to go to the diagnostic center when they need an echocardiogram.  And because of this, these diagnostic centers are cutting the pockets of poor patients.
It was also found that echocardiogram facilities are available at four diagnostic centers in the district city.  Two cardiologists working at the General Hospital performed regular echocardiograms in two of them.
Cardiology Consultant of General Hospital Dr.  Md.  Sajjadur Rahman said, “The echo machine of the hospital is broken.  It was asked to be repaired but was not.  As a result, patients are not able to take its services.  In poor areas like Kurigram, many patients who come to the hospital cannot afford to be tested outside.  As a result, it is necessary to repair the machine.
The hospital does not have specialist doctors to use the endoscopy machine used to examine the stomach and esophagus.  Dr. working in the Department of Medicine.  Although Moinuddin Ahmed is proficient in using this device, he is not interested in using this device.  However, a responsible source said that he undergoes regular tests on the same machine at an outside diagnostic center.
Dr. in this regard.  Moinuddin said, ‘There is no opportunity to do endoscopy after seeing the patient in the ward.  I am not even a doctor appointed for that device.  As an additional duty, I do endoscopy one day a week.
Not only the medical equipment, the largest medical center in the district has not been supplied with essential medical equipment such as 5 cc syringes and digital X-ray films for almost two and a half months.  As a result, patients are suffering daily.  Poor patients are forced to buy these equipments from outside to get medical services to save their lives. What is the health check cost on these devices:
In 2013, surgery specialist Dr. was working at Kurigram Hospital.  Anwar Hossain.  Currently he is working in Rangpur.  During his stay, the last operation was done using laparoscopy machine in 2013, but this machine has not been used in the last 9 years.  Dr. on the phone.  By contacting Anwar, it is known that currently the cost of surgery with this machine is 25 thousand to 40 thousand taka.  But despite having this machine in Kurigram Hospital, patients have to go to Rangpur and spend extra money to get this treatment.
There is no endoscopy and ETT facility anywhere except a diagnostic center in the district town.  Dr. Dr. General Hospital did the endoscopy there.  Moinuddin Ahmed and echocardiogram and ETT Dr.  Md.  Sajjadur Rahman.  It has been found that a patient has to spend 1500 rupees for endoscopy and 2500 rupees for ETT.  And echocardiogram has to be spent from 1500 to 2500 taka.  Apart from hospitals, diagnostic centers in the district do not have arthroscopy and laparoscopy machines.  The hospital supervisor Dr.  Shahidullah Lincoln said, ‘I did not know about the laparoscopy machine.  All other instruments are used.  The authorities have been asked to repair those that are useless.
Acknowledging the shortage of syringes and X-ray film, this medical officer said, “There is no government supply of these.”  Will be available very soon.’

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