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No trace of Dhaka Gulistan Explosive found, explosion in basement... Army Major Md Qaiser Bari. - dailypressjournal

No trace of Dhaka Gulistan Explosive found, explosion in basement… Army Major Md Qaiser Bari.

  • Update Time : Thursday, March 9, 2023
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No trace of Dhaka Gulistan Explosive found, explosion in basement… Army Major Md Qaiser Bari.

Suman Khan:

No explosives were found in the damaged building in Gulistan’s Siddikbazar, said Major Md. the head of the bomb disposal team of the army. Kaiser’s turn. At that time, there was an explosion in the basement of the building, he said. The head of the bomb disposal team of the army gave this information after visiting the blast site at around 11 pm yesterday. He said, “Initially, we thought that there was an explosion in the basement.” No evidence of explosives was found in the blast. He also said, ‘We feel that no explosives were used in the damage caused by the explosion. We could not enter the basement with our bomb disposal team. The fire service and other agencies said the building was dangerous. Our engineer’s observation also says that many beams of the building are damaged. The condition of the columns is also not good. That is why the building is very vulnerable. We observed as far as we could approach with our devices. No explosives were initially detected by our instrument. This army officer said, ‘After stabilizing the building (stable or de-risking) we can go to the basement and observe more closely. The building should be stabilized with the opinion of City Corporation, BUET and other engineering departments. When asked how much time it would take to stabilize the building, Major Kaiser said, ‘Expert opinion is needed to stabilize it. My team’s core expertise is bomb disposal. However, stabilization seems to be complicated. Beams and columns are damaged. The building has seven floors. The load is not transferred to the column through the beam. Because of this, we cannot yet say how long it will take to stabilize. When asked to know the cause of the explosion, this army officer said, “The amount of damage that has happened here, a huge amount of explosives would have been required to cause such an explosion.” If that amount of explosives were used, we would smell it. Our devices and dog squads of various agencies also found no presence of explosives. Meanwhile, 18 people have lost their lives so far in the explosion. Many were injured. Many of them are in critical condition. The bodies of 16 deceased have been handed over to their relatives. They have been financially supported by the district administration. Before this, there was a loud explosion in the building on Tuesday afternoon. This casualty occurred.

Serial explosions are the result of the failure of the Directorate of Factories: Momin Mehdi.

Suman Khan:
The series of explosions including Sitakunda-Siddiq Bazar is the result of the failure of the Directorate of Factories, along with this department, the fire service and all related departments are the need of the hour to remove the miscreants, said Momin Mehdi, Chairman of New Bangladesh NDB. He said the above on behalf of Nadhara when he visited the accident site of Siddique Bazar explosion on March 8. Presidium member Bir Muktijoddha Krishakbandhu Abdul Mannan Azad, Dinesh Chandra Saha, Fazlul Haque Chowdhury, Rasheda Chowdhury, Senior Vice Chairman Shanta Farzana, Acting Secretary General Nipun Mistry, Organizing Secretary Wazed Rana, Sheikh Liza and others were present. Momin Mehdi demanded that all the buildings outside the building code should be demolished along with the cancellation of approvals given by the corrupt Rajuk Bhaban, which is known as the kingdom of corruption. , without taking effective steps to stop these, a section of political scumbags are still practicing the politics of blame, the students-youth-people will never forgive them.

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