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No dialogue before next election: PM - dailypressjournal

No dialogue before next election: PM

  • Update Time : Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today hinted that no dialogue would be held prior to the next general election, saying any party can take part in the polls, if it wants.

“Bangladesh has multi-party democracy and the Election Commission. If any party wants to participate in the (next general) election, they can. If any party has no capability of taking part in the election, they may not do,” she said.


The prime minister said this while addressing the opening session of the sixth triennial council of the Bangladesh Mohila Awami League (BMAL), the women’s wing of the ruling Awami League, at the historic Suhrawardi Udyan, here in the capital city this afternoon.

“Many people say dialogue should be held. With whom the dialogue will be held, is it with the BNP, the convicted accused, Khaleda Zia and Tarique Zia, who wanted to kill me by grenade attacks?” she said.


The Prime Minister questioned whether they would have to hold dialogue with the corrupts, embezzlers of orphan’s money, money launderers, arms traffickers, grenade attackers, killers of Ivy Rahman.

She added that Ziaur Rahman, husband of Khaleda Zia, was the killer of her father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

“They are talking about human rights (but pursuing for holding dialogue with BNP to take them in the election). I want to ask them what kind of demand it is,” she said.


The prime minister asserted that the people of the country will hold an election even if any party boycotts it and they would not accept vote rigging.

Referring to the February 15, 1996 election held by Khaleda Zia, she said the people of the country did not accept the election and toppled them from power in one and a half months of the election.

“Khaleda Zia had to step down (from the power) on charge of vote rigging,” she said.

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