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Nazia Haque Orsha's new series 'Jahan' released. - dailypressjournal

Nazia Haque Orsha’s new series ‘Jahan’ released.

  • Update Time : Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Nazia Haque Orsha’s new series ‘Jahan’ released.

Entertainment Reporter:-

Nazia Haque Orsha and Mustafizur Noor Imran were seen together in the latest Churki flick, Jahan, which hit the streaming platform on January 26 at 8 PM. The duo had earlier won a lot of appreciation for their performance in another Chorki project, Shahosh.

Speaking to The Daily press journal , Orsha shared how she had to go through a drastic physical transformation for this role. “I had to gain weight, which is time consuming, and our industry is not very flexible for such experiments.”

It took her almost five months to get ready to play the titular character, Jahan. “Initially I did not want to do this role, as Jahan’s persona is very intricate, her psyche is dark and innocent at the same time. There were some subtle issues, that we had to be careful about, before bringing this character to life.”

Directed by Atiq Zaman, the women-centric plot revolves around Jahan—played by Orsha—who suffers from mental health issues. Her post-traumatic disorder becomes worse and she fails to balance her mind between reality and hallucinations. At one-point, Jahan loses her self-control, which leads to an unprecedented event.

“Jahan has been a tough role to play, and we did not see anyone playing this character other than Orsha,” shared the director, who will be making his OTT debut with this project. “Orsha was perfect for the role, in terms of age-range and acting skills. So, despite her initial refusal, we managed to convince her and I hope the audience will know the reason why we decided to stick with her.”

According to the director, Jahan sheds light on mental health issues, and showcases why one should not ignore it. “This is a harsh reality. We still hide our problems, particularly the ones related to mental health. Such avoidance can lead to major accidents, or unavoidable circumstances,” shared the director, who is looking forward to his OTT debut.

The project has been produced by Methodica, a production company which had earlier produced the indie film, Shahosh. Founded by actor Mostafizur Noor Imran, he is also quite hopeful for this project.

“This is our first Chorki original project,” shared the ‘Mohanagar’ famed actor. “Sharing the screen with Orsha is a treat for any actor. Since I am a reaction-dependent actor, it is very important for me to have a co-performer who reciprocates accordingly. Orsha is brilliant at her work, and she was perfect for the role of Jahan.”

The cinematography for Jahan has been done by Tanvir Ahsan, while the background score was handled by Jahid Nirob. The 45-minute film also features Shilpi Sarkar Apu, Naima Tasneem and Emel Haque, among others.

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