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Manik of Phulbari of Kurigram got GPA-5 in SSC by writing with his toes. - dailypressjournal

Manik of Phulbari of Kurigram got GPA-5 in SSC by writing with his toes.

  • Update Time : Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Manik of Phulbari of Kurigram got GPA-5 in SSC by writing with his toes.

 Saifur Rahman Shamim, Kurigram :

 Manik did not have two hands since birth.  Left leg is about 6 inches shorter.  Manik’s parents were distraught.  He worked hard to make the school head.  The school class sits separately in their desks and puts pens on their toes to write in notebooks.  His roll was first and second since childhood, fighting like other healthy and normal students.  After taking part in the SSC exam, he wrote in the book with a pen on his toe and got GPA-5 in SSC. The teachers and residents were surprised to see the results of the indomitable genius Manik Rahman.  Manik Rahman Phulbari was a student of Jachi Mia Model Government High School.  He got golden GPA-5 in JSC and brightened up his parents by writing physical A.  The indomitable talent Manik Rahman participated in the examination center of Phulbari Pilot Girls High School this year. Physically challenged Manik Rahman is the son of medicine trader Mizanur Rahman of Chandrakhana village of Sadar Union of Upazila and Maryam Begum, a lecturer of Rabaitari School and College.  Parents’ eldest son Manik Rahman is physically challenged since birth.  He was born without two hands, one leg is much shorter than the other.  Parents were disoriented that he would be a burden to the society, nor would he be able to eat by working.  Manik did not back down from his parents’ efforts.  Despite his physical handicap, he got scholarship in talent pool with GPA-5 in PSC examination.  Manik Rahman, who is not only able to write with his feet, but is also proficient in computer typing and internet usage along with using his mobile phone and talking, wants to fulfill his parents’ dreams by becoming a future computer engineer.

In this context, Manik’s mother Mariam Begum said that Manik was born without two hands.  Between the two legs, the left leg was about 6 inches shorter.  I was worried about him.  Manik was made the head of the school with much difficulty.  Due to the demand of education, Manik got a roll from the first class.  He was more interested in reading. Mizanur Rahman, a medicine merchant and Manik’s father, said that he was interested in education since childhood.  Hama used to hold a pen with powder and enjoyed watching cartoons by holding the television remote.  Used to take bath before school time.  And he was reached before the class.  He used to study in the same room till 11 pm every day. Abed Ali Khandkar, Headmaster of Jachi Mia Model Government High School, Phulbari, said that we are impressed that Manik Rahman has achieved better results than other students despite being physically challenged.  We are happy to get good result from science department this time too.

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