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Jashore Manirampur's Alamin song in Song Sera 2022/23 has captured the hearts of the audience. - dailypressjournal

Jashore Manirampur’s Alamin song in Song Sera 2022/23 has captured the hearts of the audience.

  • Update Time : Saturday, January 21, 2023
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Jashore Manirampur’s Alamin song in Song Sera 2022/23 has captured the hearts of the audience.

Md. Tahidul Islam Manirampur upazila representative :

Jessore Manirampur Upazila, Kaziara, Durdbanga Union, village, Md. Kamruzzaman Sheikh, mother Shiuli Begmer. Son, Alamin (27) SSC-2011/12 academic year HSC 2013-14 academic year, also currently waiting to complete Civil Engineering and do BCS. Everyone asked for dua Alamin. Alamin loved to sing from a young age, wherever there was a music program, Alamin used to go to listen to music. In this way, the love for music gradually became ingrained in Alamin’s mind. It is said that if the will power is right, it will reach the destination. Alamin’s goal is to learn to play the guitar. As thought so act. Alamin learned the guitar from the hands of guitar guru, Mithun Roy. Hassan Taj Elahi, who is no longer in the world, learned to play the guitar, Alamin became known as the best guitarist. Alamin became known as a favorite guitarist and artist by singing two brands of songs. Finally, Alamin is on the stage of the current audition for the best song 2022/23. This talented artist Almin Hossain has created a storm among the audience of the country and outside the country. He is singing one after another the song of pop emperor Shraddhiya Azam sir. Not only that, he has been a professional lead guitar for more than an era The entire country including the Khulna region known as Bazak. Alamin, who has been a guitarist for more than a century, has been singing songs. This artist has become popular in the country and outside the country, along with the guitar, he has created a response in the world and one after another with pop music. At the cue of the song. Almin Hossain said in a special report that since his dream was to learn the guitar, besides learning the guitar, he was able to win the love and heart of the audience by doing two stage programs. He did not know when he took up the guitar in his professional life, and became a monster of the guitar day by day. 64 In the district, he suddenly participates in 2022 song, song that is 2022. Starting from the selection round, in the sixth round, Anamika sang Chup Chup by Pop Emperor Azam Khan and won a golden card. By singing the song, he once again captivated the audience of the country and outside the country. When he sang on the stage, everyone including the judges followed his involvement. He again obtained the quality fi card in the seventh round and the eighth round and moved forward to the door of another high step of his dream. His faith in Manirampur, Jessore, If the love of Khulna and the whole country and the love of the outside fans continues like this, he will be able to achieve a good platform for the whole country in the dream circle. And Alamin asked for prayers and love from all classes of people. And he asked for the support of the people of the whole country to fulfill his dream, he asked for everyone’s selfless love. He especially thanked all the media and expressed his grateful love to all the best authorities and judges.

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