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Irregularity is the rule in Manirampur, International Mother Language Day was not celebrated with due dignity. - dailypressjournal

Irregularity is the rule in Manirampur, International Mother Language Day was not celebrated with due dignity.

  • Update Time : Thursday, February 23, 2023
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Irregularity is the rule in Manirampur, International Mother Language Day was not celebrated with due dignity.
Own Correspondent:
No patriotic songs were heard in Manirampur upazila square in the morning, no timeless song ‘Amar bhai’s blood stained Ekushe Februari/Ami Ki Buli Pari’ was heard from the announcement stage.  There is a lot of discussion and criticism on social media.  Central Shaheed Minar was not decorated on International Mother Language Day and Mourning Day.  At night there was not enough lighting.  At 12:01 in the night, various political parties, social, cultural organizations and educational institutions along with the upazila administration paid tribute to the monument built in the memory of the martyrs at Manirampur Upazila Shaheed Minar under the dim light of the straight light.  Many criticized the discussion on the matter.  Since then, the matter has gone viral on social media.  Nadia, an employee who came to give flowers, said, what other places are beautifully decorated with lighting.  Other years also we do it here but not this year, this year there are no lights.  Far from arranged, no patriotic songs were played this year.
 According to sources, the municipal mayor was responsible for the decoration of the Manirampur upazila Shahid Minar under the chairmanship of the upazila executive officer.  Journalist Sumon Chakraborty and many others have thrown questions to the informed people about this.  Why so much indifference in such a big national program?
 However, it is the volunteer team of Kolom Kotha Foundation, a completely non-political and non-profit voluntary organization that has brought confidence to the public.  Under their own management, they arranged to play patriotic songs through microphones in front of the Upazila Parishad and offered floral tributes to the central Shaheed Minar along with the morning ferry.
Free Blood Group Test in Manirampur Courtesy of Gazi Yunuch.
Own Correspondent:
In memory of all the martyrs on International Mother Language and Martyrs’ Day, a free blood group testing program was conducted at Gaziganj Bazar in Mashvimnagar Union of Monirampur Upazila with the aim of creating blood donors from house to house.  Kolom Kotha Foundation, a voluntary organization, organized this free blood group testing program with the courtesy of Gazi Yunus Ali, Vice President of Monirampur Upazila Branch of Bangladesh Krishak League, a prominent social worker of the local diaspora.
  On 21st February from 10 am to 6 pm the volunteer team of Kolom Kotha Foundation carried out free blood group testing of around 300 people.  At this time, an overflowing crowd of well-wishers of Gazi Yunus Ali, the servant of humanity, can be seen.  On behalf of Kolom Kotha Foundation, Chairman Mohammad Nahid Hasan, Chief Advisor Sumon Chakraborty, Advisor Rashed Ali, Central Committee President Md. Habibullah Hussain, General Secretary Tahidul Islam, Organizing Secretary Md. Imran Hossain, Office Secretary Md. Enamul Hossain and others were also present.  Union Volunteer League General Secretary A. Mannan, social worker Tajuddin Ahmed Bhutto, expatriate Gazi Yunus Ali’s son Mithun Hossain and local dignitaries.

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