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In the morning and night, the adversaries cut the paddy of the farmer's 3 bigha land. - dailypressjournal

In the morning and night, the adversaries cut the paddy of the farmer’s 3 bigha land.

  • Update Time : Saturday, December 17, 2022
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In the morning and night, the adversaries cut the paddy of the farmer’s 3 bigha land.

Khulna District Representative:

The adversaries have cut the paddy of about 3 bighas of a farmer named Md Rashid Sardar of Gilabari village of Maheshwaripur union of Koyra police station of Khulna district. The victim farmer Md. Rashid Sardar said that this incident happened in the early hours of last Thursday (December 15).  Earlier, the aggrieved farmer filed a written complaint against Achadul Gong at Koira police station on 13/10/2022.  The complaint mentions that the defendants are threatening to cut the paddy planted by him.

According to the complaint and victim sources, on 8th June 1956, my mother Kajali Bibi and Bhanu Bibi bought land in Kabala from Kodai Gazi.  Of which CS Khatian No.-41, SA Khatian No.-95.  In the latest survey and recorded in their name, whose khatian number is 1778 DP 708.  They file and pay taxes.  When the mark number was wrongly recorded in that document, Kajali Bibi and Bhanu Bibi filed a case in the Khulna Sub Judge-4 Court which has civil number-371/78 and the mark was corrected in the said case.  Kajali Bibi and Bhanu Bibi were subsequently mutated into separate records bearing the number SA-95/1.  He also said that Kodai Gazi’s grandson Achadul Kajli Bibi and Bhanu Bibi filed a case against the deed bearing civil number-167/17, Achadul withdrew the case after realizing that he would definitely lose the case.  After knowing the matter, the victim i.e. Kajli Bibi and Bhanu Bibi Waresh Abdur Rashid Sardar filed a case for permanent injunction in the court of the Senior Assistant Judge, Civil Number-204/22, issued a show cause notice within 15 days against Asadul Gang in the said case and 25/8/  On 22nd, Ashadul and Jahan Ali Gongra occupied the land in the night of 5/9/22 and planted paddy on the cultivated land of the victim.

Later on 26/10/22 the learned Senior Assistant Judge passed an order of injunction, stating in the said order, that the defendants were denied access to the plaintiff’s property by the order of injunction.  Officer-in-charge of Koira Police Station, Khulla has been instructed to take necessary action as per the court order. The victim’s complaint violated the ban when he went to cut his planted paddy in the early morning of last 15/12/2022. When he came to know about the matter, he tied him up and forcibly took him away to cut the paddy. When asked about cutting the paddy of the land, the defendant Md. Achadul Islam said, “I have cut the paddy of my land.” He also said that we have filed an appeal against the ban in Khulna District Judge Court, Appeal No. Miss-99/22.  In this regard, Koira Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) called ABMS Doha on his mobile phone, but he was not available.

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